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Time out is over January 30, 2004

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I took the Na Craga sleeves out of time out and put them back on the needle. At this time, they are behaving and promising never to be naughty again. There is no sense in posting a picture…I think they are just a wee bit shorter than last weeks photo. But I got them back on the needle in the same spot, both facing the right way. Happy day! I have now put the sleeves down and will revel in my small success.

I have slowed down on progress on Gracie’s Magic Stripe sock. I am close to the toe decreases but it says to knit until “2” less than desired total length.” Two problems: no tape measure and no kids foot. I haven’t been able to locate my tape measure for quite some time. Cameron and Owen enjoying running around the house playing chase/dog with my tape measures. And Gracie’s at school, so I can’t guesstimate. Speaking of guesstimates (is that a word? huh, Grammar Avengers, a little help here!), I can’t do it to save my life. I think it is my dyslexia. Dyslexia also affects my ability to put stitches back on the needle the right or wrong way. I can never remember which is which. Nor can I remember that bigger needle, smaller gauge…smaller needle, bigger gauge–or the other way around. Heck! I can’t tell you my left from my right. Yea, I try that little “L” finger trick–but I am dyslexic and I don’t always remember which way the bottom of the “L” is supposed to go.

But I digress…I stopped by my mom’s house today to take care of a few things. ‘Course I had to look through her stash. I did come home with that fab Rowan Denim last week. Nothing tickled my fancy but I did come across some old pictures piled on top of one of her many piles. 🙂 If I knew how to scan I would have taken a photographic walk down memory lane. I am going to try to figure it out this weekend. It was neat, though, to see how knitting has been interspersed throughout my life. My mom has been knitting for longer than I can remember.

Rachael, at My Glass House, took a pictorial walk down memory lane today on her blog. Go check it out!


Magnum Scarf January 29, 2004

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I just wanted to post the picture of the Magnum scarf before I head out the door. We are having a pizza party at Owen’s school. Then I have to head off to Cameron’s school for an ice cream party. The fun never stops. There is also a trip to my LYS, Granny’s scheduled. She is having her sale. Starbucks is next door. I feel a Caramel Macchiato coming my way. Yum!


Hmm…that scarf picture looked a little better at 10 o’clock last night…slightly bleary-eyed and exhausted. But this close up is cool.


I am a worsted weight kinda girl. The little toothpick needles (like Kevin’s Dale sweater) drive me a bit nuts. Although, the sock is fun. Mabye it’s 50-60 stitches vs. 300? The size 17 needles for this scarf were a bit unwieldy. My arms ached a little knitting the scarf. Note to self: go to gym more often. But I really do like the look of this scarf. And I hope Owen’s teacher does too.


Snow Bunnies January 28, 2004

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As expected, we had a snow day today. And it was a Owen’s birthday. Kevin stayed home from work too. Which was nice–I didn’t have to shovel. Obviously, not a lot of knitting done today. But Owen enjoyed opening his presents. This is such a thrill to us. I was worried we would have to create a program to teach him to enjoy opening presents. However, wrapping up a noisy, push button Toy Story book really helped. Owen loves Sheriff Woody.


Like I said not a lot of knitting. Cameron asked me to repair his bunny. I knit this bunny using a Debbie Bliss pattern in Noro Collection. It was not a lot of fun to knit as it was done with #3’s. My mom helped me sew him up. The directions for doing so were limited and my finishing skills are weak. Cameron loves it. I have another skein set aside for Gracie–which means I will have to make one for Owen too. I cringe at the thought of doing it again and again. I do like this bunny that fireballhead knit.


Otherwise, I finished the gussets on the Magic Stripes sock and finally got to a pattern repeat. One side of the gussets looks okay, the k2tog. The ssk doesn’t look so hot. Oh well. I will post pics tomorrow. I will also post pics of the Magnum scarf for Owen’s teacher. I finished knitting it last night and ran the ends in tonight. I also ordered a couple of books today from Yarnworld. I have experienced fabulous service with them. They provide fast shipping and great packing. I ordered Simply Noro and A Yorkshire Fable. I am shipping them to a friend in London and she will bring them to me when she comes to visit in March. Yea. She is one of my closest friends from when we lived in Chiswick. She is also bringing her son. I am wondering if I should have him carry a suitcase full of yarn.

Well, it’s late and I have a crazy day of volunteering at Cameron and Owen’s schools tomorrow. Stay warm.


Are you a knitter? January 27, 2004

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Granny knitter
You may not be a granny, but you’ve got the
mentality. Hard work and artistic vision lead
to your beautiful knitted results.

Are you a knitter?
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I found this while surfing the blogs. Thanks Purling Swine.


World’s largest twine ball

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Well, I tried to get a good picture of the Cascade Magnum wound in to a ball. It was rather amusing. “Holy huge ball of yarn,” I thought to myself. My husband said we needed something to show the scale. But we couldn’t find anything suitable. Specifically, we were looking for a golf ball. Kevin, my husband, dressed it up in a Yankees hat. But the color was too close to even grasp the idea. Knitting with this yarn is not much fun. I am reminded, while knitting it, of Debbie Stoller in Stitch ‘n Bitch with those enormous needles. My arms are aching knitting this scarf. The pattern is a simple (read boring) moss stitch. I will be glad when it is finished–which must be by tomorrow. Unless we have a snow day…

Speaking of tomorrow, it is Owen’s 4th birthday. It’s a happy day but also a sad day. I had hoped by four he would talk fluently. He doesn’t like birthday cake, he isn’t really into opening presents and he doesn’t like the Happy Birthday song. BUT! I had also hoped he would be potty trained–and he is. I had hoped he could ride a tricycle–he can! And he even ventures a try now and then on the bike with training wheels.

Can you tell I will never be among the Grammar Avengers! Sorry if my posts are grammatically offensive.

I am also working on Gracie’s sock. Admittedly, this is a child’s size sock but I have turned the heel and am making the gussets (with just one minor error) and I have still haven’t reached a pattern repeat with these Magic Stripes. Where’s the magic?

It is starting to snow lightly here. I hope you are all staying warm. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is nice in Orlando next week.


Sock it to me January 26, 2004

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Woohoo! I learned how to knit socks on two circluar needles on Friday. For a first venture into socks, I used the Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money–just in case it didn’t work out and I mangled the yarn. I am using a size 2 needle rather than the no. 3 suggested by Lion Brand’s pattern. My mom had suggested 2’s for socks and I didn’t want to waste money on two needles I wouldn’t likely use again. So, I cast on the number of stitches called for and it looks like it will fit Gracie. She is delighted. I am adjusting the pattern here and there for her 9 year old tootsies.


I am really enjoying these simple socks and I can’t wait to move on and knit more. I have some Opal in the stash from my old yarn shop in Cohasset, MA–The Creative Stitch. And I am very excited to try some cabled socks. Can I move forward that quickly? Knitty had some cute sock patterns too. The Broadripple socks by Rob from Threadbear look like fun. How do people like knitting with the Cascade Fixation?

I picked up some yarn today at a relatively new shop on Long Island, Three Black Sheep Yarn Shoppe. I desperately needed some scarf yarn for one of Owen’ teachers. I have tried, unsucessfully to knit her a scarf with Paton’s Allure–hated it. And another try with Marks & Katten Arktis. I didn’t care for that either. This teacher assistant is quiet and kind of shy. So, I picked up the Cascade Magnum for her. The shop had a pattern for a “One Skein, One Nite, One Scarf.” That is exactly what I needed.


As for the other yarn…well, all these scarves for other people…I want one for me. The Berroco Pleasure will knit up into a very simple “Single Eyelet Rib.” I love the color–Rich Blue. Isn’t it though? Last, I picked up some Blue Sky Alpaca. I knit my husband an alpaca scarf this winter in the Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. I loved knitting with it. The owner of the shop had a sample scarf she had knit for her husband. It was simple and beautiful.

I have some alpaca my friend chose for a scarf, when I was visiting him in Paris this past fall. He did all of the translating for my purchases at La Droguerie. This great pattern will work for that yarn too. It’s all about moving the old yarn out and the new yarn in.

Did I mention Gracie is home sick? And snow is on its way. The fun never stops. Disney next week. Yippee! Have a great day.


Take a deep breath… January 23, 2004

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And let it go. It is just a sleeve, just a sleeve. Maybe that would be okay if it were just one sleeve but it is two sleeves. This freaking Na Craga is driving me nuts! I am knitting the two sleeves at the same time. I like this method. Do most people knit their sleeves at the same time? Is it a bad idea when knitting cable patterns to knit both sleeves at the same time? Or is it just a bad idea to watch Angel and knit two sleeves at the same time.

Annie at The Knitty Gritty is ripping her Na Craga too. I would like to just drown my sorrows in Double Stuff Oreos but our package has an error too–the cookie is backwards–just like my middle chart. WAH! I could just put it down and walk away from it for a while. But I have done that for the past couple of years. I just want to finish this sweater. Thankfully I have a Parent Training at Owen’s school today. And I will be stopping by my LYS on the way. I am going to purchase needles to do socks on two circular needles. I need a good distraction.

On a happier note, Owen has had a great week at school with little to no “behaviors.” By behaviors I mean acts of aggression, self-injurious behaviors, dropping to the floor. Thank goodness. We saw a major increase over the holidays. It is so scary and heartbreaking and we have to ignore the behaviors. Also, Owen’s language is improving. He is independently requesting more and more frequently. If he really wants something and he doesn’t know how to ask, he will imitate anything you say. But he can’t really seem to get the hang of stringing words togther. I have been working on “night night mommy” and he can’t do it. He can say either the “night night” or “mommy” but not both. It astounds me what I took for granted with my other two kids.

Speaking of the other two, Gracie, Cameron and I are going to Florida on February 6th for 4 nights. We will be staying at the new Pop Century Resort. We will also spend 2 nights with Grandma and Grandpa. They are so excited. It can be so hard on them, having a brother with special needs. So, it is nice to do something cool with them. I guess I will have to think about travel knitting. Maybe the new socks? 🙂 Have a great day everyone.