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Here we go again January 17, 2004

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While the price was right at blogspot, I couldn’t seem to figure out picture loading. So, I am trying my hand at typedpad. Wish me luck. 🙂

To make up for my lack of photos on my previous, short-lived blog katyknits I am sharing photos of my kids in knits.

First, we have Owen modeling a Sirdar Denim Tweed sweater. This was a joint knitting effort between myself and my mother. My mom did the intarsia bits. And yes, that is holiday packing tape on the lovely panelling. One of Owen’s self-stimulatory behaviors in scratching the panelling. Get rid of the panelling you say…we would love to but it is all part of the “bigger” home remodeling picture.

Next on the runway, we have Cameron modelling some lovely Thomas the Tank Engine mittens. I believe this may have been another Sirdar pattern.


Last, for the evening, we have Gracie sporting a Gusto 10 hat, Berroco Plush scarf (my very first knitting project) and Berroco/Zap mittens.


3 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. Linda Stacey Says:

    Katy – cute kids and great new site. We can be newbie bloggers together. I think you made a smart choice. I keep trying to make typepad harder than it is, but it is sooooo easy!!!!

  2. Linda Stacey Says:

    PS – do you mind if I link to you in my blogs I read? I am putting you in – let me know if you want out!

  3. Mom Says:

    Good to see the kids!Looks like Owen is out growing the bish sweater.

    I’ll have to look into typepad.

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