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Alice in Hamsterland January 19, 2004

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No gratuitious kitty photos here. In this allergic household, it is all about the hamster and fish. Here we have Sirius Black atop Alice Starmore’s Na Craga from Aran Knitting. I have been working on this for a while. The front and back are finished. Unfortunately, I screwed up a cable on one of the sleeves. With my mothers help, we tried to drop it down but it looked terrible. So I had to rip it out.

Here is another photo of Na Craga. I am knitting it with Cascade 220.


Perched on the fishtank, is a scarf for my kindergartener. It is just a ribbed scarf in Colorado Yarns Knitaly. I hate this yarn, it is snarly and nasty. But it is machine washable. Both Cameron and I needed immediate gratification so there was no holding out for Mission Falls 1824 Wool. If there is enough yarn left over, I hope to make Cameron a Half-Ribby Cap.


We got the fishtank this summer after my daughter won a feeder fish at a carnival. It hasn’t been a nice tank lately. Lots of death. We don’t know who is doing all of the killing. Everyone looks guilty. But in the last week and a half, we lost a beautiful Golden Ram (Dory), a hardworking albino sucker fish, named Whitey and an orange molly–either Fred or George.

I will end with my favorite Alice Starmore sweater from Vogue Knitting ’94. My mother knit this for me. I haven’t quite mastered two-colored knitting. Alright, I am not even close.



5 Responses to “Alice in Hamsterland”

  1. mom Says:

    So sad about all the death in the fish tank, I do hope they’ll play nice together from now on.

    I love that FI sweater, I wish you’d worn a turtle neck under it, you know me and neat necklines.
    Mom (aka Suerowal)

  2. Linda Says:

    Love the Na Craga – I have gratiutous cat pictures up, soon to be followed by gratuitous gerbil pictures and then fish too : ) Have you tested your water or is it violent death. I love the Cascade 220, but I need a swift and a ball winder to use it more frequently. I am not patient enough to wind balls by hand.

    Anyway – Just keep Knitting – Just keep Knitting, Knitting, Knitting (in memory of Dory!)

  3. Dava Says:

    Beautiful work on Na Craga. Sorry to hear about the fish; keep an eye on that hamster!

  4. Rachael Says:

    Na Craga is stunning! Are you kidding? You don’t think you’re that ready for Starmore colorwork? If you can do na craga you’re TOTALLY ready. Sez me. 🙂

  5. annie Says:

    Hi- I was just referred to your site by Kerstin from “At My Knit’s End”. I just started Na Craga, and I have to say yours looks amazing! I love the color. I am doing mine in Plymouth Galway Heather in charcoal grey. I finished the ribbing and just completed four rows of the charts. Question: Several of the charts are 4 rows and 1-2 are 8rows. I assume I just repeat the 4row charts twice and work the 8row chart once. Then repeat, etc.? Is that right?
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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