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A few knitted gifts January 20, 2004

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Well, the kids are back to school today. It was a long weekend. The weather was so rotten with the rain, snow and sleet. And, of course, the frigid temps! Unfortunately, not a lot of knitting done this weekend. I worked a bit on Cameron’s ribbed scarf. I think I hate that Knitaly yarn worse than I did before. There was a break in the skein. No knot–just a break. Has anyone ever encountered anything like that in the middle of a pull skein?

My sister came over with her two kids. She was wearing last years Christmas scarf. This scarf was a one hour wonder knit in On Line Linie Maxima. I think it was a seed stitch on 19’s! I had the #19 needles from a shawl I attempted to knit in Fiesta La Boehme. I hated it and the yarn remains in balls in my knitting bag. (Does anyone have a good pattern for 2 skeins of La Boheme? ) My sister, Liz, also had her Booga Bag–this year’s Christmas gift. While Liz declined to be photographed, Tristan, her oldest son, never passes up an opportunity to pose.


Today, I have to mail off the Felted Kitty Bed I made for my friends cat, Cal the Wonder Cat. It was a lot of fun to knit and felt. I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky and worsted (held doubled) along with Lion Brand Fun Fur for the trim. We don’t have a kitty due to allergies so Owen’s little kitty I bought for him in Paris modelled for the picture. Doesn’t that little kitty look French?


It is a busy day, so I don’t know if I will get much time to knit today. But I will try! Have a great day.


4 Responses to “A few knitted gifts”

  1. Kevin from NY Says:

    I hope that young man’s father doesnt see this picture. While he’s cute and everything, I’m just not sure that they’ll be hanging that one up over the Harley Davidson anytime soon.

    As a fellow allergy sufferer, i feel Owen’s pain… well i feel grace and camerons pain too since they get it just as bad. I have however become a big fan of Le Kitty from Paris….he behaves very nicely….even though he has a distinct “French Aristocrat” stuck up look on his face. You lookin at me? Where’s my catnip you swine?

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Kevin from NY–can you say “simple strawberrY?”

  3. annie Says:

    Another comment: I love the looks of the Fiesta yarn, but have never purchased…so no help with your pattern.
    My youngest has allergies also and we have a bichon frise dog- hypo-allergenic, non-shedding.

  4. Sonja Says:

    Oh, ha ha ha! Now I know what do to with my ridiculous “Winter in the City” felted hat with fur brim. Except that our stupid barn cats can’t even catch the mouse that’s in the garage right now! Maybe some nice indoor kitty somewhere would like it.

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