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Gettin’ Foxy January 22, 2004

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I knew this blog would be a good motivator for me! I finally finished my Vegan Fox. It had been sitting at my mom’s house for quite some time. I went over there today to do a few things and brought it home as well as 3 skeins of Rowan Denim. If I can find my one ball, in the same color…it may become this.

The Vegan Fox was a lot of fun to make and quick to knit up–provided one actually finishes it and sews in the ends. I loved it the moment I saw it in Knitty. It reminded me of my Grandma’s black wool coat with the fox attached to it. I distinctly remember those legs hanging off. I don’t wear fur myself but I couldn’t resist the little guy. I bought the yarn to make the silver fox too. Sure, I don’t wear fur–just yarn. I wasn’t certain where I would wear the first one. But the darn thing just makes me feel happy. 🙂 Okay, truth be told, I bought enough to make 2 of the copper ones. Yes, that is 3 Vegan Foxes. Luckily, my sister liked it too. My mom is going to make Liz one.


Cameron was quite pleased with his scarf. He wanted to wear it right away but I told him I had to sew in the ends. No, he wanted me to leave the ends. I will knit for this kid any day! I wound up weaving in all but one end. A compromise. He really was so excited. It used more yarn than I thought. So, there will be no matching Half-Ribby Cap for him. Just as well, I wouldn’t waste any more money on that snarly, nasty Knitaly yarn again. I see some more Mission Falls 1824 wool in my future.

I guess that is it for me. The bus will be here shortly. Maybe I can get a couple of rows in on the sleeves of Na Craga.


3 Responses to “Gettin’ Foxy”

  1. annie Says:

    I love the fox! And your Cameron sounds like quite a cutie.
    Please tell me you didn’t work on the Na Craga 😉
    I am feeling the pressure!!

  2. im wondering if this trying to fill a gap in your life of not being able to see the disney movie “the fox and the hound” as a young girl? I realize that you were able to try and rekindle this later in your life, but i think the vegan fox is quite a big step in your road to recovery.

    😀 love the fox….

  3. Linda Says:

    You know you need a faux fur muff to go with your fox – tooooooo cute! I can’t wait to see the silver one. Fiber Trends has a muff/hat pattern that would be to die for with that and we could muff together!

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