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Sock it to me January 26, 2004

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Woohoo! I learned how to knit socks on two circluar needles on Friday. For a first venture into socks, I used the Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money–just in case it didn’t work out and I mangled the yarn. I am using a size 2 needle rather than the no. 3 suggested by Lion Brand’s pattern. My mom had suggested 2’s for socks and I didn’t want to waste money on two needles I wouldn’t likely use again. So, I cast on the number of stitches called for and it looks like it will fit Gracie. She is delighted. I am adjusting the pattern here and there for her 9 year old tootsies.


I am really enjoying these simple socks and I can’t wait to move on and knit more. I have some Opal in the stash from my old yarn shop in Cohasset, MA–The Creative Stitch. And I am very excited to try some cabled socks. Can I move forward that quickly? Knitty had some cute sock patterns too. The Broadripple socks by Rob from Threadbear look like fun. How do people like knitting with the Cascade Fixation?

I picked up some yarn today at a relatively new shop on Long Island, Three Black Sheep Yarn Shoppe. I desperately needed some scarf yarn for one of Owen’ teachers. I have tried, unsucessfully to knit her a scarf with Paton’s Allure–hated it. And another try with Marks & Katten Arktis. I didn’t care for that either. This teacher assistant is quiet and kind of shy. So, I picked up the Cascade Magnum for her. The shop had a pattern for a “One Skein, One Nite, One Scarf.” That is exactly what I needed.


As for the other yarn…well, all these scarves for other people…I want one for me. The Berroco Pleasure will knit up into a very simple “Single Eyelet Rib.” I love the color–Rich Blue. Isn’t it though? Last, I picked up some Blue Sky Alpaca. I knit my husband an alpaca scarf this winter in the Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. I loved knitting with it. The owner of the shop had a sample scarf she had knit for her husband. It was simple and beautiful.

I have some alpaca my friend chose for a scarf, when I was visiting him in Paris this past fall. He did all of the translating for my purchases at La Droguerie. This great pattern will work for that yarn too. It’s all about moving the old yarn out and the new yarn in.

Did I mention Gracie is home sick? And snow is on its way. The fun never stops. Disney next week. Yippee! Have a great day.


7 Responses to “Sock it to me”

  1. Uli Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to give me a great idea. In this case, the swatch was flat knitted and the vest is flat knitted as well so that wasn’t the problem. However, the way you suggested getting your circular gauge is great and I’ll try it for my next top down which I’m trying hard not to start (so it’s only a matter of time).

  2. annie Says:

    Hmmm…Just tried to leave a comment and couldn’t. Now you have another picture up. You must be working on this as I type the comment!
    Love the sock yarn- what is it? And the scarf yarn looks great. I love the blues.

  3. annie Says:

    Ok- just checked back and now there are words with pictures. Hello! And you answered my question about kind of yarn. I have knit the Broadripple socks and loved the pattern. I thought they knit up pretty quickly.
    Scarf knitting sounds wonderful after Na Craga.

  4. Kevin from NY Says:

    Does this officially make you a “sock” er mom?

    i mean you have the minivan and everything too….

  5. Tina Says:

    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog!..you’re my first commenter…I’m so new to the knit blogging thing. I’m really glad people are actually reading it..You’ve got a great blog too!!

  6. Linda Says:

    I am sockin right now too – how funny!!! I have been tempted to learn the 2 circular method, but right now am feeling too lazy to learn anything new. TOO CUTE and would be easy to knit on the plane!!!

  7. Linda Says:

    WooHoo – we are both official on the knitting bloggers ring today – cheers!!!!

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