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World’s largest twine ball January 27, 2004

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Well, I tried to get a good picture of the Cascade Magnum wound in to a ball. It was rather amusing. “Holy huge ball of yarn,” I thought to myself. My husband said we needed something to show the scale. But we couldn’t find anything suitable. Specifically, we were looking for a golf ball. Kevin, my husband, dressed it up in a Yankees hat. But the color was too close to even grasp the idea. Knitting with this yarn is not much fun. I am reminded, while knitting it, of Debbie Stoller in Stitch ‘n Bitch with those enormous needles. My arms are aching knitting this scarf. The pattern is a simple (read boring) moss stitch. I will be glad when it is finished–which must be by tomorrow. Unless we have a snow day…

Speaking of tomorrow, it is Owen’s 4th birthday. It’s a happy day but also a sad day. I had hoped by four he would talk fluently. He doesn’t like birthday cake, he isn’t really into opening presents and he doesn’t like the Happy Birthday song. BUT! I had also hoped he would be potty trained–and he is. I had hoped he could ride a tricycle–he can! And he even ventures a try now and then on the bike with training wheels.

Can you tell I will never be among the Grammar Avengers! Sorry if my posts are grammatically offensive.

I am also working on Gracie’s sock. Admittedly, this is a child’s size sock but I have turned the heel and am making the gussets (with just one minor error) and I have still haven’t reached a pattern repeat with these Magic Stripes. Where’s the magic?

It is starting to snow lightly here. I hope you are all staying warm. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is nice in Orlando next week.


2 Responses to “World’s largest twine ball”

  1. Kevin from NY Says:

    I think you need to persuade this “Kevin” a little more to make sure he takes better pictures and supports your blog. If that doesnt work, I think a forced march in the bitter cold to Seaport Yarns is in order.

    Other things Owen can do at 4:
    He can dance to his favorite song, I repeat song, and request it ad nauseam. His table manners are pretty good overall, he can manipulate things and people to his needs, and he is a really good swimmer!

  2. annie Says:

    Owen sounds alot like my four year old as far as his likes and dislikes. Very opinionated! I live in fear of making him mad 😉
    Seriously, sounds like Owen is right where he needs to be! Six months from now, who nows how many more advancements he may make? One day at a time….
    PS- the husband sounds like a keeper as well 🙂

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