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Snow Bunnies January 28, 2004

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As expected, we had a snow day today. And it was a Owen’s birthday. Kevin stayed home from work too. Which was nice–I didn’t have to shovel. Obviously, not a lot of knitting done today. But Owen enjoyed opening his presents. This is such a thrill to us. I was worried we would have to create a program to teach him to enjoy opening presents. However, wrapping up a noisy, push button Toy Story book really helped. Owen loves Sheriff Woody.


Like I said not a lot of knitting. Cameron asked me to repair his bunny. I knit this bunny using a Debbie Bliss pattern in Noro Collection. It was not a lot of fun to knit as it was done with #3’s. My mom helped me sew him up. The directions for doing so were limited and my finishing skills are weak. Cameron loves it. I have another skein set aside for Gracie–which means I will have to make one for Owen too. I cringe at the thought of doing it again and again. I do like this bunny that fireballhead knit.


Otherwise, I finished the gussets on the Magic Stripes sock and finally got to a pattern repeat. One side of the gussets looks okay, the k2tog. The ssk doesn’t look so hot. Oh well. I will post pics tomorrow. I will also post pics of the Magnum scarf for Owen’s teacher. I finished knitting it last night and ran the ends in tonight. I also ordered a couple of books today from Yarnworld. I have experienced fabulous service with them. They provide fast shipping and great packing. I ordered Simply Noro and A Yorkshire Fable. I am shipping them to a friend in London and she will bring them to me when she comes to visit in March. Yea. She is one of my closest friends from when we lived in Chiswick. She is also bringing her son. I am wondering if I should have him carry a suitcase full of yarn.

Well, it’s late and I have a crazy day of volunteering at Cameron and Owen’s schools tomorrow. Stay warm.


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  1. Linda Says:

    Happy birthday to a special angel!!!! Love the bunny and the snow looks like fun. We are having an especially mild winter here in TN – No sign of white stuff and mostly mild temperatures – probably will get an ice storm in Feb to make up for it LOL!

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