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Gettin’ Foxy January 22, 2004

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I knew this blog would be a good motivator for me! I finally finished my Vegan Fox. It had been sitting at my mom’s house for quite some time. I went over there today to do a few things and brought it home as well as 3 skeins of Rowan Denim. If I can find my one ball, in the same color…it may become this.

The Vegan Fox was a lot of fun to make and quick to knit up–provided one actually finishes it and sews in the ends. I loved it the moment I saw it in Knitty. It reminded me of my Grandma’s black wool coat with the fox attached to it. I distinctly remember those legs hanging off. I don’t wear fur myself but I couldn’t resist the little guy. I bought the yarn to make the silver fox too. Sure, I don’t wear fur–just yarn. I wasn’t certain where I would wear the first one. But the darn thing just makes me feel happy. 🙂 Okay, truth be told, I bought enough to make 2 of the copper ones. Yes, that is 3 Vegan Foxes. Luckily, my sister liked it too. My mom is going to make Liz one.


Cameron was quite pleased with his scarf. He wanted to wear it right away but I told him I had to sew in the ends. No, he wanted me to leave the ends. I will knit for this kid any day! I wound up weaving in all but one end. A compromise. He really was so excited. It used more yarn than I thought. So, there will be no matching Half-Ribby Cap for him. Just as well, I wouldn’t waste any more money on that snarly, nasty Knitaly yarn again. I see some more Mission Falls 1824 wool in my future.

I guess that is it for me. The bus will be here shortly. Maybe I can get a couple of rows in on the sleeves of Na Craga.


On the road again January 21, 2004

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Well, I finally found the courage to knit my ripped Na Craga sleeve up to its mate. Happy day! I don’t know why I was so reluctant to do this. I was a little bitter that I made another cable error but I should have done it sooner. It’s not the sweaters fault after all. What have I learned? This dyslexic person should not knit cables and talk at the same time. Is anyone else dyslexic? Mine seems to be getting worse with age.


I am pretty excited that I am making progress–finally–on this sweater. I would like to make St. Brigid someday. But I really need to make something for Owen. Being the youngest, the poor little guy gets overlooked. And being non-verbal, he doesn’t complain about it. I started a raglan in Mission Falls cotton but my gauge was off. Owen has received knitted hand-me-downs. But it is not the same. I have to frog his sweater and do it again. Only, he has gotten quite a bit bigger, so I need more yarn. I guess this new sweater will have stripes. Don’t mind me, I am in “design mode.” Ha! (Grandma did knit him a beautiful baby blanket)

In other knittng news, I finished Cameron’s ribbed scarf. This was my smaller project in JoFrog’s Men-Along. My bigger project is the Dale Salt Lake City Pullover for my husband which, at this point, is little more than a cast on edge. I have made several errors in this project.

The bus will be here soon and the insanity will begin. I am going to try to whip up some Rice Krispy Treats for Owen before he gets here. He loves them. 🙂 Have a nice day.


A few knitted gifts January 20, 2004

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Well, the kids are back to school today. It was a long weekend. The weather was so rotten with the rain, snow and sleet. And, of course, the frigid temps! Unfortunately, not a lot of knitting done this weekend. I worked a bit on Cameron’s ribbed scarf. I think I hate that Knitaly yarn worse than I did before. There was a break in the skein. No knot–just a break. Has anyone ever encountered anything like that in the middle of a pull skein?

My sister came over with her two kids. She was wearing last years Christmas scarf. This scarf was a one hour wonder knit in On Line Linie Maxima. I think it was a seed stitch on 19’s! I had the #19 needles from a shawl I attempted to knit in Fiesta La Boehme. I hated it and the yarn remains in balls in my knitting bag. (Does anyone have a good pattern for 2 skeins of La Boheme? ) My sister, Liz, also had her Booga Bag–this year’s Christmas gift. While Liz declined to be photographed, Tristan, her oldest son, never passes up an opportunity to pose.


Today, I have to mail off the Felted Kitty Bed I made for my friends cat, Cal the Wonder Cat. It was a lot of fun to knit and felt. I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky and worsted (held doubled) along with Lion Brand Fun Fur for the trim. We don’t have a kitty due to allergies so Owen’s little kitty I bought for him in Paris modelled for the picture. Doesn’t that little kitty look French?


It is a busy day, so I don’t know if I will get much time to knit today. But I will try! Have a great day.


Alice in Hamsterland January 19, 2004

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No gratuitious kitty photos here. In this allergic household, it is all about the hamster and fish. Here we have Sirius Black atop Alice Starmore’s Na Craga from Aran Knitting. I have been working on this for a while. The front and back are finished. Unfortunately, I screwed up a cable on one of the sleeves. With my mothers help, we tried to drop it down but it looked terrible. So I had to rip it out.

Here is another photo of Na Craga. I am knitting it with Cascade 220.


Perched on the fishtank, is a scarf for my kindergartener. It is just a ribbed scarf in Colorado Yarns Knitaly. I hate this yarn, it is snarly and nasty. But it is machine washable. Both Cameron and I needed immediate gratification so there was no holding out for Mission Falls 1824 Wool. If there is enough yarn left over, I hope to make Cameron a Half-Ribby Cap.


We got the fishtank this summer after my daughter won a feeder fish at a carnival. It hasn’t been a nice tank lately. Lots of death. We don’t know who is doing all of the killing. Everyone looks guilty. But in the last week and a half, we lost a beautiful Golden Ram (Dory), a hardworking albino sucker fish, named Whitey and an orange molly–either Fred or George.

I will end with my favorite Alice Starmore sweater from Vogue Knitting ’94. My mother knit this for me. I haven’t quite mastered two-colored knitting. Alright, I am not even close.



Here we go again January 17, 2004

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While the price was right at blogspot, I couldn’t seem to figure out picture loading. So, I am trying my hand at typedpad. Wish me luck. 🙂

To make up for my lack of photos on my previous, short-lived blog katyknits I am sharing photos of my kids in knits.

First, we have Owen modeling a Sirdar Denim Tweed sweater. This was a joint knitting effort between myself and my mother. My mom did the intarsia bits. And yes, that is holiday packing tape on the lovely panelling. One of Owen’s self-stimulatory behaviors in scratching the panelling. Get rid of the panelling you say…we would love to but it is all part of the “bigger” home remodeling picture.

Next on the runway, we have Cameron modelling some lovely Thomas the Tank Engine mittens. I believe this may have been another Sirdar pattern.


Last, for the evening, we have Gracie sporting a Gusto 10 hat, Berroco Plush scarf (my very first knitting project) and Berroco/Zap mittens.