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Socks for one February 2, 2004

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Crazy weekend with little to no knitting progress. I keep forgetting to have Gracie try her sock on, so I can determine when to start decreasing for the toe. And I located a tape measure. Not my fancy Coach one, just a regular old red tape measure. Actually, a second one popped up on Owen’s dresser. When it rains it pours. Here is my current sock progress.


I really like knitting the sock with two circular needles. I contemplated doing a thong toe based on a design in the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook. But Gracie said NO WAY! She loves those socks with all of the individual toes. I thought one might be manageable but the girl says nope. I am not up to knitting five toes at this stage. So perhaps one of these yarns could be a multi-toe sock for her. I guess I should get through the 2nd Magic Stripes sock first.


I went to a “new to me” knitting group on Friday (my 3rd time). As I was unable to work on Gracie’s sock, I brought Na Craga. Mistake! Most of my problems with that sweater and its sleeves are a result of talking and knitting. I can’t do it. Two more mistakes. One fellow knitter was kind enough to repair one of my errors. When I drop down to fix cable mistakes, the yarn gets distorted and it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Cheryl was able to do it beautifully in no time. This ability to “read” cables escapes me but I am told it comes in time. I hope so. The second mistake came from putting it back on the needle wrong. I usually put it on back on the purl side. I guess I put it back on the knit side and uncrossed one of the cables. It is an interesting and eclectic group of people.

I also started a second bunny from the Noro Collection for Owen. It is almost painful to knit Kureyon on a size 3 needle but the finished bunny is so cute. Owen says “rabbit” so sweetly. I have only finished one leg so I will hold off on any progress photos. I have to start thinking about what to bring to knit while in Florida. I want to bring my Dale sweater for Kevin but I am not sure about the whole metal needle thing on airplanes. In my travels thus far, I have always brought plastic or bamboo needles. I should really start packing too. Yuck.

Well, Owen will be getting off the bus soon. I hope I can get some knitting in tonight. There are a ton of seagulls on my front lawn…what is going on? Better go check!


4 Responses to “Socks for one”

  1. annie Says:

    Yuck to packing? Just think of how much fun you will have in Florida. Lucky you 🙂 And did I read SECOND bunny? Did you already show the first bunny?
    I was going to say you must live pretty near the ocean to have seagulls, but I have seen a lot of them around our area lately and we live 4 hours from the beach!

  2. greta Says:

    Love the bunny….maybe we should knit some groundhogs? *hee* Have fun in Florida….send some sunshine my way, PLEASE? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY OWEN….hope your day was FUN!

  3. Mom Says:

    Sock looks good,the Opal looks good too.

    Sea Gulls on the lawn, a storm is coming! I miss the gulls in the parking lot at the King.

    See ya’ll soon

  4. Becky Says:

    Those are some pretty fanciful looking socks there! Very nice 🙂

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