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Back again February 3, 2004

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Oh, I have so much to get done before we leave for Florida on Friday. Tomorrow is also Cameron’s 6th birthday. I wonder what Owen is going to think of Cameron opening presents as the O-man’s birthday was just last week…I wonder if Owen will think all presents are meant for him. It should be interesting.

Speaking of Owen, he is going through something good right now. His language is picking up. We finally got him to say “potty” rather than “poppy.” One of his current targets is “bus.” This is a consonant-vowel-consonant target. I don’t know if he is trying to be cute but Owen says “butts.” I try not to laugh, ’cause that would be reinforcing a mistake but it is really funny. I am hoping his teachers are targeting “bus” so Owen can get on a bus and go to preschool next fall. That would be cool.

We went to the library last night. He was fabulous. Owen walked so nicely. He did a little speedwalking to get to the video section. Owen even sat at a little table with other preschoolers and did a puzzle. My heart fluttered. His reward/reinforcement was McDonalds. And he was pretty good there too. Overall lately, I have been wondering and hoping that all of this school–the little guy goes to school 30 hours a week and has 10 hours of home therapy–was sparking something in his brain. I really think it is. There is a fine line between the hope and the fear of…well, I don’t want to talk about those fears. I just want to savor these successes.

Well, I better get busy. I have to make some ‘dirt and worms’ cupcakes for my favorite kindergartener.


2 Responses to “Back again”

  1. greta Says:

    okay, so please forgive my totally addled brain. Apparently I wished the wrong child a happy birthday, and belated when it hadn’t even happened yet. Color me embarrassed. GAD. I just started reading your blog, so I feel like I’ve missed some really really important info….but I’m a 21 year veteran of the special needs/language therapy wars, so please do know that I celebrate wildly with you the connection of synapses that results in new WORDS. Blessings. Heartfelt prayers…and oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Owen, Auntie Greta sometimes gets things backwards….not on purpose, dear.

  2. annie Says:

    Good for Owen! Sounds like all of your hard work is paying off. Happy Birthday to Cameron!

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