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Sirius Sock FO February 3, 2004

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I finished Gracie’s sock last night. Thanks to Bagatell, I was able to Kitchener Stitch the toe. Her photos really helped to walk me through the process as I am a visual learner. So, here is the finished sock modelled by Gracie, adorned by her beloved hamster, Sirius Black. He is such a good hamster. I have never had hamsters before. Most people think Sirius is a little on the chubby side. I just think he’s cute.


Well, I will write more later. I have to get the kids off to school. Gracie has ELA’s today. I can’t stand standardized testing.


One Response to “Sirius Sock FO”

  1. annie Says:

    The sock looks great! And what a cute hamster. We had one growing up. Actually- several. For some reason, they kept getting lost in our house and my parents would just replace with another. Ewww.

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