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All packed and ready to go… February 5, 2004

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Not! I don’t know what is wrong with me. I usually pack a week ahead of time. The essentials are packed, of course. Tea for my mom, P&G Tips–mmm, Twizzlers, gum, the Official Guide to Disney World, and yarn. The Silk Garden is for my mom, she is planning to make a multi-directional scarf. The Cotton Fleece and Cotton Tots are for charity baby hats. I haven’t started any charity knitting yet this year. This way, I will have no choice. I wonder how many I can get done?


More snow and freezing rain are expected tomorrow. So, we may not even be getting out tomorrow. I am so tired of winter. Cameron and Gracie will be so disappointed. Thank goodness our reservations for Disney aren’t until Sunday. But we were looking forward to a little quality time with my mom and dad and their dogs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress on Gracie’s second sock. Owen’s school has a huge Dinner Dance fundraiser and I am on the committee. The dance is next month and we are a bit directionless. No one has officially stepped up to chair the committee. It’s not going to me. I was the first to volunteer but said I cannot be chairperson. I am not very organized. I write notes on little pieces of paper and then lose the paper. I have been known to write my notes on my hand with a Sharpie. It doesn’t sweat off like regular ink.

I think I am going into a little knitting withdrawal. Perhaps it is time to put down the laptop and pick up the needles. Or maybe I really should pack?


4 Responses to “All packed and ready to go…”

  1. annie Says:

    Pick up the needles and relax and enjoy yourself! You have the rest of the day to pack 🙂
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for you and you are soon at the Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!

  2. Kevin from NY Says:

    I’ve got even odds that the twizzlers dont even make the trip, and not because they didnt have their boarding pass.

    Say hi to mickey for me, oh and grandma and grandpa too

  3. Dava Says:

    woo hoo! Noro and Twizzlers! Now that’s what I call a vacation! Have fun!

  4. Linda Says:

    Sending some pixie dust your way – Have a glorious trip!!!

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