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a little later… February 15, 2004

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I have never knit with Hanne Falkenberg yarn before. But I do love the simple beauty of her designs. My two kits are Studio and Linus. I purchased these kits from a shop in Denmark. Shipping outside the EU, you don’t get hit with their wicked VAT.

Denmark was one of my favorite trips when we were living in London. I absolutely love Copenhagen. And no trip to Denmark would be complete without a trip to Legoland.

Our hard drive crashed last week. Unfortunately, I lost all of my favorite places so I don’t have the link to the shop in Denmark handy. I tried to google for it but I must be spelling it wrong.

Owen and I stopped by Cameron’s birthday party to drop off the camera. Owen was quite fascinated with the bowling alley. He got the Silly Six Pins game for his birthday from one of his teachers. Gracie let him bowl one of her turns. Owen got a spare his first try–including a “3-7-10 split.” He was so cute as I helped him roll the ball down the lane, he was saying “Owie, set, go.” That is his self-centered version of “ready set go.” One of Gracie’s friends asked if Owen would roll the ball for her. He didn’t do as well but he really enjoyed it. I see more bowling in Owen’s future. Cameron had a great time and it was nice for Mr. Middle Child to be the center of attention. He is busy now playing with the load of presents he got from his friends.

I will end this post with a shot of my birthday bowling boy: Cameron



7 Responses to “a little later…”

  1. Francesca Says:

    Sounds like a great birthday! Thanks for the Salem stuff. I love the colors of Linus, very spring. And the photo of the closet door and then stash, was fun! I scrolled down to read the paragraph, but not enough to show the photo, so when I saw the closet door and then the link it was vey funny.

  2. Laura S Says:

    Happy Birthday to Cameron!

    Love the stash picture! Can’t wait to see how Linus goes. It’s adorable.

  3. Dava Says:

    Great picture–I know that feeling! Hanne Falkenberg has a link to all her dealers in Denmark; http://www.knit.dk/add.htm
    It doesn’t list websites, but one of the names might stir your memory.
    I was in Copenhagen during one of the coldest winters in 40 years. It was impressive to see folks still riding bikes in that weather. I’d love to go back sometime…in the summer.

  4. annie Says:

    Your Cameron looks exactly like my middle son! He also had his birthday party at the bowling alley. I love those parties- a bunch of 6-7 year old boys running around, making a mess, having a great time and I don’t have to clean up!
    Love both sweaters you have the kits for!

  5. Rachael Says:

    Hiya Cam! How’s my ant-fighting boy? Yippee! Hey, love your stash closet….. I love those Secret Photos…..

  6. greta Says:

    ooooooo, LOVE the bowling boy picture….so so cute! We went to the awesome lego store in Downtown Disney….Legoland is a future must see! Hugs to all of you!

  7. Mary Says:

    Was this the site you were looking for:


    They have alot of very nice patterns and kits.

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