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Socked it to Gracie February 18, 2004

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Magic Stripe socks are finished! Woohoo for me. There were a few bumps along the newly travelled road to sock formation. I lost the pattern. It was just a ballband pattern but I had written my modifications for Gracie’s tootsies on there…so I had to get creative. They are not quite identical–and I don’t just mean color patterning. Decreases were different in gussets and toes but Gracie is happy enough. Once again, Bagatell’s Kitchener Stitch diagrams got me through the toe graft but I was a leetle cheap on the yarn for grafting. It got a bit hairy when I started running short. I tightened the stitches as I went along but it didn’t go as smoothly as the first toe and it’s a bit lumpy.


I had planned to add another project of mine to my percentage bars but the battery died on the digital camera. I have been “working” on Birch from Rowan 34 since the end of the summer.
I am making it in Dewberry It is for Owen’s teacher. Kidsilk_Haze_600.jpg
I worked on it on the plane to Paris in November and screwed up the pattern. No wonder I am Pigpen! I don’t know if it can be saved and may have to come back off the needle.


I debated whether or not to share this information but I think I will. At Jillians yesterday, Cameron was “touched” inappropriately by a man. Nothing horrendous. The man turned out to be developmentally disabled, visiting Jillians with his group home. He was not well-supervised.

Cameron and I were playing air hockey and Cam was on the other side of the table. Well the man grazed Cameron’s bottom. I am not sure Cameron really noticed or cared. He may have just thought he was bumped by another person but I was alarmed. I didn’t know if the man was off the street or what. I brought it to the attention of the manager and they alerted the group home staff. The group home supervisor was very apologetic and admitted the man was not a good candidate for that kind of trip. (I felt bad–Owen can be horrendous in public places)

The good thing to come out of it was the personal safety discussion Cameron and I had–and later Gracie–about people touching or hurting you. I used to work in a domestic violence shelter and the personal safety presentations were my job. I worked with the elementary kids through to the college kids and adults who are mandated reporters for child abuse. Anyway, I hope you all remember to talk to your kids about personal safety too. Thanks for listening.


4 Responses to “Socked it to Gracie”

  1. annie Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. We (in our town) just recently had a boy approached in the men’s room at a store by a grown man. The man did touch the boy as well. I worry about what I’m going to do when my boys get older and don’t want to go in the ladies room with me. Do I let them go by themselves into a men’s room?
    Nice socks!

  2. Angi Says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I was really good at educating and empowering my older two. We lived in a New Orleans suburb. But now we live in a small town, we homeschool, and the littles are never away from at least 1 of the 4 of us. I haven’t given them the information they need. I guess I didn’t consider something happening in front of one of us.

  3. Dava Says:

    Phew–considering the circumstances, it was a good outcome if it gave you the opportunity to talk. I love to hear/read about parents talking to their kids (and in your case, playing games with them–great!). I guess I just see too many unsupervised kids in the city.

    Your socks are great, and I love the color of your sofa!

  4. Francesca Says:

    Good for you knowing how to handle the situation. I really admire you parents. And the Dale sweater, I’m afraid to even look at the patterns.

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