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February 26, 2004

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Not much going on knitting-wise here. Two days in a row I have been almost completely absorbed by this Dance. One parent got a donation of 80 boxes–I mean big boxes–of stuffed animals, candy dishes, etc. The majority of this will go into Pick-a-stick. Do other people do Pick-a-stick? For $1 a stick, you pick a stick or tongue depressor out of a box and either win or get yourself a dud. It is great that this parent got this stuff. But it was delivered to school and placed in the gym. The gym has now been closed for the 3rd day. My little O-man is seriously bummed. The gym is where the ball pit is. “Ball pit” is one of Owen’s favorite words. He saw me at school yesterday. He grabbed my hand and didn’t want to let go. It was lunchtime so I hung out for a little bit. Parents aren’t really welcome for suprise visits. They say it is to respect the dignity of the other students. I understand. One of Owen’s classmates was having a breakdown. And Owen had his when I said I had to go. (What great receptive language!).

Things have been going well for him at school verbally. He is mastering targets left and right. One program, Receptive Animal ID, he is flying through. For a practically non-verbal child, it is amazing that he knows the difference between “show me lion” and “touch tiger.” His current target is “elephant.” How important is that in the grand scheme of life? Well, it is an age appropriate skill…plus he enjoys it. Receptive People ID is not going as well. He has been stuck on this program for a long time. They have decided to stop using pictures and are going to try with real people. This should be interesting. His teachers are just incredible. I am tearing up now thinking about their committment to helping kids with autism. I love them. 🙂

One more cute thing. Owen wanted chips the other day at school. He handed his teacher the bag and said “help.” His teacher says to Owen, “Say it better.” She knows Owen can say “chip.” Owen says to her, “I want help.” He is so stinkin’ cute sometimes.

Anyway, I worked on my Dale sweater yesterday. I think 5% may be generous as far as work completed. Oh well, I will be kind to myself. Also, I had 297 stitches rather than 298. I just added one. I was not going to rip it out for one stitch that will be underturned anyway. There isn’t much to photograph. I also did a little online shopping the other day. I ordered the Must-Have-Cardigan pattern. I don’t think I will join the knit-a-long. At least, not until after I finish Na Craga. Which may or may not get some attention today.

Oh, a question…when ordering yarn online or from a catalog, do you order exactly what you want and no more? Or do you order more than you want to justify shipping? I am all about justifying the shipping or trying to kick my order over free shipping threshold. Just wondering…

Oh yea, a little exciting news, I am going to a conference tomorrow. Improving the social behavior of children with autism: A focus on Acquisition and Motivation. The presenter is Dr. Bridget Taylor who runs the Alpine Learning Group in NJ. She was instrumental in the ABA program that “recovered” two children in NYC. The book that tells this story is Let Me Hear Your Voice. It’s not my favorite book on autism but it was a good read for inspiration when Owen was first diagnosed.

Hopefully, I can bring my knitting and have some decent progress pics over the weekend. Have a great day.