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The novelty has worn off February 21, 2004

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I swear it is a novelty nightmare. I am on the committee for Owens school’s Dance. This is a big fundraiser. They have Chinese Auctions, Silent Auctions, 50/50 raffles, and this thing called Pick-a-Stick with tongue depressors. Each of the teachers has a basket theme and parents donate items for the baskets. Owen’s teacher has all boys in her class—so I was sexist and chose Sports.

Since I love knitting and it is my therapy—I chose to donate a knitting basket in addition to my other obligations. I wanted to share the love. I bought needles, various skeins of yarn, a magazine, a how-to book, and a copy of Debbie Bliss’ “How to Knit.” My LYS donated a gift certificate and another shop sold me items at cost.

Another mom suggested I knit a scarf—you know, one of those popular ones. Oh, you mean one of those hairy ones on big needles? YUCK. Even purchasing the yarn at my local was difficult. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed by the huge selection of eyelash, glitter, sequins, shiny ribbon. Terrible, I tell you. I wasn’t sure what colors looked good together. The yarn shop offered some guidance but I didn’t know if they were trying to pass off the ugly stock on innocent ‘ole me. You see, I am a novelty novice.


So, please let me know if these things are too hideous to donate. I can always scrap the yarn and donate the remains to the GSRP. Kevin suggested another Magnum Scarf but the Dinner Dance is March 27. With spring just around the corner who wants a massive wool scarf? The Firenze scarf I made for Owens teacher went over well but it was meant to be special for her. I love his teacher.

Oh, why such a big fundraiser? Where Owen goes to school the state doesn’t pay for a one to one ratio. The parents organized a charitable organization and we raise the money to supplement what the state pays. The school has a great success rate for integrating kids by age 6 into kindergarten. Some kids have even lost their diagnosis. Applied Behavior Analysis is an amazing thing.


Yea right!! February 20, 2004

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turbo charged
You are “turbo” charged.
Fast moving and classy, you get things done with
power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be
deceiving, since what you really value is
quality and efficiency. As you’re careening
around those corners in life, finishing a dozen
knitted objects each month, stop and smell the
roses. Don’t miss the beauty of process!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
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I found this at My Knit’s End.


Cooking up leftovers February 19, 2004

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With the leftover Magic Stipes yarn I decided to do up a little preemie hat. Our knitting guild donates them to the local hospitals. I wasn’t sure about wool but someone at the last meeting brought in over 50 of them–plenty of them made of wool. I got the pattern at Stitches from the Heart. After that is finished–which should be tonight–it is back to the reality of Na Craga or hunt for the Dale sweater.


Speaking of hunting…it seems a little short tail critter has moved in. And I don’t mean another hamster. Yes, after Owen got on the bus and Cameron and Gracie were watching a little TV, I was surfing some of the blogs and saw a little mouse scamper across my kitchen floor. Brazen! I thought they ventured out at night. This is our first mouse encounter–aside from the Disney kind. We have had our fair share of pests: Carpenter ants, termites, regular ants (not as many as Rachael had though), Citronella ants–ever heard of them?? And last summer, it was the yellow jackets in the basement.

Cameron, who offered to kill ants for Rachael, is terrified. He won’t even go into the bathroom by himself. Not that the little mousie has even been spotted their. Kevin is coming home from work early today to go get supplies. I want to caulk any holes around the house to prevent friends from joining the party. Never a dull moment, huh? Any of those knitting kitties want to come over for a visit?


Socked it to Gracie February 18, 2004

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Magic Stripe socks are finished! Woohoo for me. There were a few bumps along the newly travelled road to sock formation. I lost the pattern. It was just a ballband pattern but I had written my modifications for Gracie’s tootsies on there…so I had to get creative. They are not quite identical–and I don’t just mean color patterning. Decreases were different in gussets and toes but Gracie is happy enough. Once again, Bagatell’s Kitchener Stitch diagrams got me through the toe graft but I was a leetle cheap on the yarn for grafting. It got a bit hairy when I started running short. I tightened the stitches as I went along but it didn’t go as smoothly as the first toe and it’s a bit lumpy.


I had planned to add another project of mine to my percentage bars but the battery died on the digital camera. I have been “working” on Birch from Rowan 34 since the end of the summer.
I am making it in Dewberry It is for Owen’s teacher. Kidsilk_Haze_600.jpg
I worked on it on the plane to Paris in November and screwed up the pattern. No wonder I am Pigpen! I don’t know if it can be saved and may have to come back off the needle.


I debated whether or not to share this information but I think I will. At Jillians yesterday, Cameron was “touched” inappropriately by a man. Nothing horrendous. The man turned out to be developmentally disabled, visiting Jillians with his group home. He was not well-supervised.

Cameron and I were playing air hockey and Cam was on the other side of the table. Well the man grazed Cameron’s bottom. I am not sure Cameron really noticed or cared. He may have just thought he was bumped by another person but I was alarmed. I didn’t know if the man was off the street or what. I brought it to the attention of the manager and they alerted the group home staff. The group home supervisor was very apologetic and admitted the man was not a good candidate for that kind of trip. (I felt bad–Owen can be horrendous in public places)

The good thing to come out of it was the personal safety discussion Cameron and I had–and later Gracie–about people touching or hurting you. I used to work in a domestic violence shelter and the personal safety presentations were my job. I worked with the elementary kids through to the college kids and adults who are mandated reporters for child abuse. Anyway, I hope you all remember to talk to your kids about personal safety too. Thanks for listening.


The sweater escapes me February 17, 2004

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Well, since I added the Dale sweater to my new percentage bars (courtesty of Anna Knits), I figured I ought to show a picture of the work at hand. It seems said “work” is missing. Before I left for Florida, I tidied up my knitting in my bedroom and threw it all in the stash closet. Somehow this bit of knitting has gone missing.

I have to say, this sweater has been a challenge for me from the very beginning. I bought it from Bea Ellis with the intention of taking a class with her at the YMCA in Marshfield. Bea stopped her classes–I think and I moved back to NY.

1- Casting on approximately 300 stitches on toothpicks stinks.
2- Brand new Inox needles breaking while knitting 300 tiny stitches stinks.
3- Not finding the error till after you get past the error point stinks!

Do you see that little scrap of paper sticking out of the top of the pattern book? That’s the error. Argh. I don’t care for the Inox needles, they are very pointy and painful. I should invest in Addi’s. I really don’t have much progress to show anyway. What I do have is some snarly yarn balls from where I ripped it out. It is my second project for the Men-Along. I guess I need to find what I have knit so far. Fun.

Enough bitterness, Gracie is at my mother-in-laws. Owen is at school. That leaves me and Cameron. We are going to Jillian’s today–his choice. First to the tutors though. Tutoring kindergarteners… Remember when it was about socialization. Better run. Have a good day.

Surprise! Surprise!

Pig Pen
You are Pig Pen!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I found this quiz at Bethany Rambling. If you saw the picture of my stash closet–you aren’t surprised. My mom has a little sign hanging on her wall that says, “Creative minds are seldom tidy.” A motto or an excuse? Who cares!


a little later… February 15, 2004

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I have never knit with Hanne Falkenberg yarn before. But I do love the simple beauty of her designs. My two kits are Studio and Linus. I purchased these kits from a shop in Denmark. Shipping outside the EU, you don’t get hit with their wicked VAT.

Denmark was one of my favorite trips when we were living in London. I absolutely love Copenhagen. And no trip to Denmark would be complete without a trip to Legoland.

Our hard drive crashed last week. Unfortunately, I lost all of my favorite places so I don’t have the link to the shop in Denmark handy. I tried to google for it but I must be spelling it wrong.

Owen and I stopped by Cameron’s birthday party to drop off the camera. Owen was quite fascinated with the bowling alley. He got the Silly Six Pins game for his birthday from one of his teachers. Gracie let him bowl one of her turns. Owen got a spare his first try–including a “3-7-10 split.” He was so cute as I helped him roll the ball down the lane, he was saying “Owie, set, go.” That is his self-centered version of “ready set go.” One of Gracie’s friends asked if Owen would roll the ball for her. He didn’t do as well but he really enjoyed it. I see more bowling in Owen’s future. Cameron had a great time and it was nice for Mr. Middle Child to be the center of attention. He is busy now playing with the load of presents he got from his friends.

I will end this post with a shot of my birthday bowling boy: Cameron



Gratuituous stash shot

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I have not been knitting much lately. So, today I share a picture of my stash closet.

Wanna look?

Somewhat disorganized and very messy. That is the majority of it. There is one of those 3 drawer rubbermaid things in my bedroom for easy access and a couple of assorted knitting bags with my most current projects. When I started really getting into knitting, I decided I didn’t want to just acquire yarn. So I decided to only purchase kits or enough yarn for intended project. Of course, that didn’t last too long. But I had good intentions. See my two Hanne Falkenberg kits? There are a couple of Debbie Bliss kits my husband picked up while in London when she was selling yarn directly from her website. There is also a Colinette Velvet Throw kit. eBay has been a real enabler.

Guild Meeting

Friday was my guild meeting. It was a stash swap. I have never attended one before and will not likely attend again. I don’t know how many people are familiar with these kinds of things but it was done by points. Acrylics worth 1 pt, Cotton and Rayons 2, Wool 3 and Luxury 4. The person with the most points gets to choose first. So, if you bring in 3000lbs of acrylic you get to choose the full bag of Anny Blatt Mohair first and partially full bag of Trendsetter Dune too. Do I sound bitter? I had just 21 points. I brought some Cotton Fleece, a wool/nylon blend yarn and some patterns. I actually came away with less than that but I do like the 2 skeins of Dale Tiur I picked up. There were a ton of Boye metal needles there. I always need #7’s, so I got a pair of those but some lady ripped the other needles right out of my hand. It really wasn’t a pretty scene.

I have volunteered to teach a felting workshop for the April meeting. And I am doing hospitality/coffee with another woman next month. It is an interesting experience. I wish there were younger people there. I brought my Vegan Fox for Show and Tell. I had never gotten up before to show anything. There was quite a bit of whispering around the room as they said, “Who’s that? That’s Sue’s daughter.” My mom has been a member of the guild from nearly the beginning and she is a fabulous knitter. Afterwards, many of them came up and introduced themselves. It was cute. It’s not the first meeting I have ever been to but I guess I have been accepted. Thanks mom. 🙂

Anyway, my husband has Cameron and Gracie and several friends at the bowling alley for Cameron’s birthday party. Owen and I are going on an outing to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things for dinner. A belated Happy Valentine’s Day and an early Happy President’s Day to all.