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One sock down March 31, 2004

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One Trekking sock down and one to go. I am not thrilled with this sock. First, it was a bit more difficult for me to convert the pattern from dpn’s to two circulars. Somehow, the markers got screwed up and the alignment of the heel decreases and the toe decreases were off. I was much better at the kitchner stitch this time. But I pulled it a little too tight at the end. I didn’t mean to—just somehow did. Then I was pulling the yarn too tight and it looked like it might break…so there is a little excess that I just ran through the toe. I can’t wait to get the second sock off the needles and be done with these. I really want to get back to Na Craga and finish the final pattern on the sleeves and start the saddle. The end is really in sight. Yippee!

Here is Cameron modeling his sock. He is home sick today—nothing horrendous—just a low grade fever yesterday. I strictly adhere to that 24 hour fever rule. I have to go to the dentist today so my mom is coming over to watch him while I have my filling replaced. Fun, huh?


We, or I should say, Kevin had Cameron’s meeting yesterday with the school. For the most part, I think we got what we wanted. I had called the meeting and, at the same time, asked for a copy of NY’s rules and regulations on special education. We also forewarned them that we would be taping the meeting. I think all of this worked in our favor. I couldn’t make the meeting itself as I was the parent member that day for everyone else’s meetings and they were close to 2 hours behind. I had to leave to get Owen off the bus. It was just as well. I tend to get a bit emotional and can say the wrong thing. Kevin is great. Thanks Kevin. 🙂

I have been working on squares for the Afghans for Afghans along. I bought a cone of yarn from Paradise Fibers that looked really good on my computer screen but didn’t look quite as good in person. It weighs a million pounds so I am just going to use it for charity projects. I am using other stash yarn as well. It makes for a nice in between project.

I will end with a picture from the dinner dance. Actually, two pictures.


Wanna see the scary one?


No pug for you March 28, 2004

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The dinner dance is officially over and we didn’t win the pug. The opening bids were a little higher than I expected but I bid anyway. Unfortunately, I was so busy running around as a committee member that I didn’t get the chance to bid again. That’s okay, Owen’s school still made money. There is always next year…for the pug. In the meantime, Cameron and Gracie want a dog. So, that will need to be addressed. (’cause I want one too).

My knitting basket went to a twentysomething young woman who has been wanting to learn to knit. She will call me to set up her knitting lesson. I don’t know how popular it was. Kevin was the winner of a handmade baby basket filled with beautiful, handsewn receiving blankets, hooded towel, face cloths and other lovely things but someone walked off with it. 😦 No, we are not having a baby. Kevin wanted it for his twin. His friends won a weekend at the Four Seasons. There was a lot of really great stuff. I am anxious to know how much was raised. I don’t know when that number will be in though.

Please forgive my incoherence. We got in at 2am and were up pretty early. (Thank you Owen). Owen is desperately out of sorts due to my being gone all day, Kevin leaving too, Grandma babysitting and the day from hell for Kevin filled with soccer games and tutoring. The architect is coming today and there are two more soccer games. I am so ready for my life to be my own–with the exception of Special Education Committee meetings–including ours for Cameron.

Where’s my Peace Fleece? Wah!


Flinging my Spring Fling March 26, 2004

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I have decided to fling my Spring Fling ChicKami in Patons Grace for Gracie. (That sentence makes me smile) I originally purchased the Patons Grace for an easy raglan for babies in the Fall/Winter issue of FCEK. I couldn’t stand the stitch definition. I brought my partially knit sweater to the guild meeting and was told I needed to go down a size. The yarn calls for a #6. I scrapped the raglan sweater idea and thought I would whip up a tank for Gracie. I swatched on a #5 and still don’t like it. It’s not worth a size 4. Of course, I had purchased enough of the Grace for 3 sweaters. There were 2 babies to knit for and it looked so easy, I figured I would donate one. The colors were so cute too. There is a great ChicKami in the Grace at La Gringa Tejedora. C’est la vie. It is not to be, I returned the yarn to Michael’s today.


After Michael’s, I headed over to my mom’s house to tidy my quilting supplies I abandoned after Christmas. My mom is cleaning out her stash and gave me several balls of wool/acrylic to make afghan squares for the Afghans for Afghanalong. I finally started a square last night. I did a little experimental pattern work and have decided I should give up trying to be original. My design looks like a ladder. Perhaps I will be more inspired by these colors than the brown I was working with last night.


The school crossing guard gave me a copy of the latest FCEK. I am going to thumb through it after I read a few blogs. The latest Knitters did nothing to inspire me. And what I really want is my Peace Fleece. I ordered it almost 2 weeks ago. That’s alright, more afghan squares to knit and Critter Knitter blankies.


Change is good March 25, 2004

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Lots of change going on over at Katyknits; our guests have left. Owen is quite pleased as he does not like having people at the house. He missed his basement playroom and spent a lot of time in his bedroom. I tried to pair the guests with reinforcement (sort of like bribery) by having them give Owen donuts or other preferred items. It didn’t help. He was really quiet for the first few days too but began to speak again yesterday.

I had to change my Weather Pixie. I didn’t like her outfit. I would never wear a black shirt with fishnet sleeves. When I examined her wardrobe further, I noticed she wears a bikini. That would never happen here. I much prefer the Flapper Lady’s swimming costume or “cozzie” as they said in the UK.

Yet another change, I am doing laundry again. The whole family—except Owen—is happy about that. Gracie was down to her yuckiest pants and no socks. Cameron had no pajamas. I really should get Gracie back on laundry duty. Oh and soccer started again. I am not ready to be a soccer mom—not now, not ever. Although, on the bright side, I did knit at the games. Alright, soccer starting is not so bad after all.

Cameron’s education meeting is next Tuesday. I feel a bit better about that. I spoke to a few helpful people and I feel pretty empowered that what we are asking for is perfectly acceptable. And I feel more confident that I have the legal jargon to use to ensure he is given what he is entitled to.

The architect is coming on Sunday to discuss the plans to remodel our house. We bought it with the intention of remodeling. I am not sure what we were thinking…oh yea! It was desperation. There were no other houses available. Cameron and Owen currently share a room. That needs to change. Owen is a terrible roommate.

Change. Change. Change.

I had planned to swatch for my Spring Fling ChicKami for Gracie in Patons Grace but didn’t quite get to it. Today I am wading through mountains of paperwork and filing. Blogging is a good change from that. Time for a change back to filing fun.

2 more sleeps till the Dinner Dance. 2 more sleeps till I get my pug. (I hope)


The countdown March 23, 2004

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The countdown has started till the Dinner Dance. Tonight is our last meeting. And the dance is 4 sleeps away. I am very excited for this to be over. While I am hopeful that we raise a lot of money, I am ready for my life to be my own again. We plan to add significantly to the fundraising that night. Up for silent auction is a pug. I got outbid last year but I am bringing more money this year and I am getting a dog. Yippee! I told the kids when everyone was pottytrained we would get a dog. Now we are all trying to decide upon a name–except Kevin. He is being a stinker saying he doesn’t want one. But majority rules!


Here is the knitting basket I made for the dinner dance. They are meant to be valued around $100. There is over $40 in yarn, a $25 GC to Granny’s Yarn Shoppe, needles, a how to book, the two novelty scarves and the bag itself. Oh yea! And a one hour knitting lesson at my house with me and my mom. One knit blogger sent me yarn to knit up a felted bag for Owen’s school. I plan to do that and raffle it off among the teachers–donating the money back to the school. Look what else she sent me. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Owen has been waking up kind of early. Yesterday it was 5am. Today it was 4am. We are looking forward to “springing ahead.” I hope he gets back to normal after our guests leave. I think the change is throwing off his routine. At least, I hope that’s it.


My knitting history March 22, 2004

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My mom has been sorting through her knitting room, affectionately known as “my old bedroom.” She came across another picture from my “knitting history.” The year was 1981. The place was Knitting Camp, Shell Lake, WI. The girl is me.

Gracie saw the picture and said, “Mom, the boys must have really gone for you.” Looking at the picture, I didn’t quite agree…Gracie also kindly remarked that my collarbone looked like boobs. I am holding in my lap, the horse from the cover of Double Knitting,, by Beverly Royce. We met Beverly that year and were so charmed by her. She was a remarkable lady whose kindness and sincerity—never mind her generosity—were as incredible as her knitting.

Beverly knit me a fabulous pair of angora gloves with a double knit, fair isle cuff. Everyone said they were too precious to wear but Beverly insisted I should. Boy did I ever! The angora was matted flat at the tips of the fingers. My mom says the fingers themselves were permanently bent to my hand. I treasured those mittens like any preteen would.

I haven’t knit too much with our guests being here. I am working on Cameron’s sock but am so unhappy with Trekking yarn that it is really slow going. I am working on the foot and anxiously await the toe decreases. Then it will be one sock down and one to go. My Peace Fleece yarn has not come yet. I thought it would be here by Friday or Saturday, at the very latest. Maybe today…I want to start my Everyday Cardi!

Marguerite and Harvey are having a lovely time. I think I have said Marguerite is an artist. They have spent quite a bit of time at the galleries in Manhattan and will go to the museums this week. Harvey would like to go to Century 21 and music shops. He is really sweet and excellent with the kids. Cameron has seen pictures of he and Harvey from when he was a baby and thinks Harvey is his “mate.” For a 20 year old, I am amazed by Harvey’s patience with Cameron. Other exciting New York experiences include bagels, pizza, and the mall. Harvey is quite impressed with Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes. We have yet to hit the beach and Target. Oh the places we’ll go…


March 18, 2004

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Just a quick hi. I am off to a parent training at Owen’s school shortly and I have been trying to do last minute tidying. I just got hit with a whammy from the school. They are refusing to give Cameron the additional educational support he needs. Is there something in the air? In between Softscrub and Windex, I am making phone calls and emails.

In sock news, I am not sure how I feel about Cameron’s sock. I think I screwed up the markers somewhere. My mom says it is just a kids sock and Cameron is thrilled with its progress. Then again, Cameron didn’t want me to run the ends through on his scarf…I will think about it later.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions regarding my sleeves for Na Craga. I appreciate them. Better go run the vacuum. Oh, the domestic bliss.