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Can you call it progress? March 2, 2004

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If there isn’t much there–can you still call it progress? I sure hope so. I am a worsted weight kinda girl so knitting on #2’s with 298 stitches…well, I think it is a lot of work. ‘Specially when you have knit this same beginning 3 times. Third times a charm though! At least, I hope so. I have just embarked on Pattern 1. It is a narrow, 10 row pattern then I switch to #3’s. I bet they will feel like baseball bats. Right, who am I kidding? And I have read ahead, a knitting no-no, my mom tells me…there are #4’s in my future. Yipee!


The Must Have Cardi pattern came in the mail yesterday. I didn’t order the yarn because I need to finish Na Craga–which may (or may not) get some attention today. Cameron was up puking last night. Kevin left for an overnight to Boston today so, he took the majority of the fun. What a guy. Cameron feels better but we are following the 24 hour rule and he is home. He’s watching Scooby Doo right now but we will play Legos and Lite Brite soon.

I left the hairy Eros scarf in Kevin’s car on Sunday. I forgot to get it out last night and now it is sitting in La Guardia airport. Bummer. I wanted the monkey off my back. I guess I want to finish something since I am getting nowhere fast with my other projects. Plus the dinner dance is just a few weeks away…

Sirius really seems like he is on the mend. I didn’t know whether it was appropriate to call the school and let Gracie know that he was okay after the vet so I waited till she got home–the relief on her face was sweet. We gave his cage a good clean last night and gave him his antibiotics. Again, took it like the big piggy he is. I love him. No more bleeding. Thank you all for your well wishes for Sirius.

Legos and Lite Brite await me and my guy.


3 Responses to “Can you call it progress?”

  1. annie Says:

    Hope everyone stays healthy at your house. I had forgotten about Lite Brites–I used to love them as a kid. What a nice mom to play with him when he is sick 🙂

    My son’s preschool just called to tell me he has a rash on his face? What could that be??? It’s always something!

  2. Laura S Says:

    Yes!! Progress is progress 🙂

    Glad to hear that Sirius is doing well. I hope Cameron feels better, and that no one else gets it.

    I bought a Lite Brite for my niece for Christmas. I think we need one!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I love Lite Brite!
    And I just found out my boyfriend’s cousin is works for that particular toy company and she designs all the packaging for Lite Brite! (And other toys, too, but she focuses on that particular product). Hope you had fun!

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