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A heart”felt” post March 7, 2004

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In between knitting up my sleeves for Na Craga, I have been working on felted projects for an upcoming workshop I will be leading at my local knittng guild. I am planning to do the little red pocketbook with the ladies at the guild. My greatest disappointment in leading this workshop is missing the sock workshop on the big ole’ 40 inch circular needle. The felted tote bag is from an old issue of Interweave Knits. I guess I will bring Kevn’s felted clogs that he hates. And I want to finish my felted muff from Leslie’s Muff-Along.


I finished the hairy Eros novelty scarf. My mom has kindly offered to knit the chartreuse green one. Thanks mom. 🙂 With those done, my knitting basket for the Chinese auction will be finished. The Dinner Dance committee has eaten up the majority of my free time. Kevin was a bit angry that we had no bread in the house yesterday. I hadn’t been to the gym or the grocery store for over a week. Tomorrow I am bringing the minivan in for service (1.5 hours of knitting time for me at Toyota).

I have my friend coming from London in less than 2 weeks. The house is a disaster. I would have liked to paint the living room, definately finish the new bathroom (and paint it) and redo the kitchen. I know the last bit is completely unrealistic but I hate our ugly kitchen. Pea green linoleum, dark colonial brown formica cabinets, yellow countertop and faux brick. Oh–and the ceiling tiles were falling down so my handy husband, screwed them back in. If you look quickly–it looks like bugs. YUCK!!

Not much else going on, I guess…It is a beautiful day. It is hard to believe we are supposed to have snow tomorrow. I guess we better get out and enjoy it while we can. The rest can wait.


6 Responses to “A heart”felt” post”

  1. annie Says:

    Your bags look great! I especially love the top one- too cute. What pattern is that?
    Enjoy your pretty day 🙂

  2. Rachael Says:

    I think I would like your kitchen just for its kitsch-color factor…. have fun with your guests in the snow!

  3. Tina Says:

    That red bag is very very cute!

  4. Dava Says:

    Love the bottom bag–did you use grommets for the straps? Great idea!

  5. jody Says:

    i love the grommets too! did you put them in before or after felting? i’m thinking about designing a backpack soon and lacing the strap through like that. since it will get alot of stress i was considering grommets too but not sure how to do them with felting.

  6. Julia Says:

    What great bags! You’ll really be popular at your guild – wish I could go!

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