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Grommets and Gromit March 8, 2004

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Dava and Jody asked about the grommets in my felted tote bag. And how could I talk about grommets without showing the cutest Gromit in the world? I purchased my grommets at Joann’s although they call it an Extra -Large Eyelet Kit. I added the grommets after felting the bag. I placed the grommets on the bag and used a marker to mark where I wanted the grommets. I then used a scissor to cut a little hole in the felted fabric so the grommet could sit in the fabric. With the tool (which is included in the kit), I whacked the grommet into the other piece with a hammer. I rested the whole thing on a spare piece of wood so as not to destroy my floor. It takes more muscle than you would think. For the leather straps, I actually took it to a leather store. I tried to order it online but had no success.


As for the other Gromit, that is “The Knotty Knitter” plate I purchased on eBay. We are huge fans of Wallace and Gromit. Actually, we owe many thanks, many thanks indeed to Wallace and Gromit. Watching Wallace and Gromit videos was Owens reinforcer for using the potty. What’s more reinforcing than watching A Close Shave or The Wrong Trousers? Unfortunately, I cannot display the plate–Owen tries to get it wherever it is and no matter what it takes to get it. Gotta admire his determination!

I worked on my Na Craga sleeves this morning at Toyota. What a rotten experience. I was told an hour and a half–it took over 2. They tried to sell me everything under the sun in addition to my oil change. And to top it off, the Service Consultant told me, “You need to take a break from your knitting” when he wanted to sell me some more unnecessary service. He was very obnoxious in his tone. Was my knitting hurting him? If I were watching TV, would he tell me I needed to take a break from The Price is Right? Argh…letting it go.

Almost one o’clock already! I better go hide my Gromit plate from Owen.


4 Responses to “Grommets and Gromit”

  1. Kara Says:

    Can’t believe that man! Take a break from that knitting? The nerve!
    LOVE the Grommet plate. I want one!

  2. Kara Says:

    Oops! I meant Gromit plate. And I do love the bag! I need to make one for my self! Inspiring!

  3. annie Says:

    What a jerk! If you were working on your laptop would he tell you to take a break from that? (Especially if you were a man).
    BTW- got another *mean* comment today. This is getting to be somebody’s bad habit. Not making me too happy.

  4. Bethany Says:

    LOVE the plate! It kind of looks like someone knitted a cozy for a commemorative plate. I wonder if anyone ever has done that? As to the jerk, I would have told him what I really needed was a break from his face. Actually, I wouldn’t, I’m too meek. I’d nod, and say “no thank you”, or “i don’t think so…”

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