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Knitting as Zen March 16, 2004

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What is it about knitting that calms me so? Yesterday I ran around like a crazy woman doing dinner dance stuff, the supermarket, the post office. When I got home another mom called and asked if I would sit for Special Education meetings today. We have the plumber coming today, dinner dance stuff needs to get done and my house is a shameful mess. I picked up my sock and began knitting. My heart rate slowed down, my breathing became more regular. Zen—I don’t know. Maybe.

I emailed my friend in London to warn her of the impending snow and about my messy home. Here is what she emailed back:

Don’t worry about a thing. I know exactly
what its like having too much to do and
children that undo every effort to tidy
a minute after its sorted and too little
time and energy. I blame unrealistic sit-coms
with tidy sets that make us real people expect
such situations. I am just grateful for your
kind invitation to stay.

I just adore Marguerite. She used to be a knitter. I am hoping to rope her back into it while she is here. She is an artist and just so lovely to talk to. We used to walk back from school, to the High Road, after dropping our children off at school. I love our conversations. She is just an incredible person. Yippee! I can’t wait for Thursday.

It is snowing today. I can’t believe it. Our bathroom is nearing completion. I am going to put the timer on for one hour and clean. And then I am going to knit and read. I want to watch a video, I am Sam but I feel a little guilty with the plumber here.

Na Craga question

Oh, a question! Na Craga—it is on hold for the time being. For those who have knit and finished it did you find the sleeves to be a bit short? The middle size says 45 cm but that just seems so short to me. Is it because it is a drop shoulder? I would hate to sew it up only to find the sleeves too short. I think I have enough yarn to make the sleeves longer. Thanks.

A little later

Just got back from Home Depot. The plumber said the new toilet had been used. How about a collective, “Eeww!” It was missing the seat and hardware and it had been set. Yuck. Now I only have 15 minutes to clean then I must knit. As they say in France, bon tricot.


6 Responses to “Knitting as Zen”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Who the heck returns a used toilet seat??

  2. annie Says:

    I’m assuming when he said it was “used”, that means he used it? Ewww is right.
    Sounds like the perfect person to come visit during this hectic time. And unfortunately I can’t help with the Na Craga situation 😦

  3. jody Says:

    oh my, where do i start?

    used toilet? cmon mr plumber!

    na craga sleeve. how about measuring the length from your center back to cuff and then measuring half the width of the body and the sleeve length. that should give you a good idea whether the sleeves are too short. not that i have much experience in the short sleeve department. at 5’2″ i’ve never made a sleeve the full length the pattern called for!

    ps – marguerite sounds like a real keeper. a true friend! enjoy your time with her.

  4. Dava Says:

    Wow. Used toliet. And I used to get upset when folks tried to return books they obviously read. Eeeeww, indeed!

  5. Becky Says:

    Oh my word, who in the world would recycle a toilet? That merits a really big “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Keep knitting! You need the Zen* 🙂

    *So true. Knitting is very Zen.

  6. Francesca Says:

    Have a great visit! As to sleeve size, this may sound didactic and I don’t mean to be but I’d say you have the answer already and just need to measure it. My sleeve size is 19.5″, well over what sweater patterns call for and culled from measuring and some knitting math.

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