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My knitting history March 22, 2004

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My mom has been sorting through her knitting room, affectionately known as “my old bedroom.” She came across another picture from my “knitting history.” The year was 1981. The place was Knitting Camp, Shell Lake, WI. The girl is me.

Gracie saw the picture and said, “Mom, the boys must have really gone for you.” Looking at the picture, I didn’t quite agree…Gracie also kindly remarked that my collarbone looked like boobs. I am holding in my lap, the horse from the cover of Double Knitting,, by Beverly Royce. We met Beverly that year and were so charmed by her. She was a remarkable lady whose kindness and sincerity—never mind her generosity—were as incredible as her knitting.

Beverly knit me a fabulous pair of angora gloves with a double knit, fair isle cuff. Everyone said they were too precious to wear but Beverly insisted I should. Boy did I ever! The angora was matted flat at the tips of the fingers. My mom says the fingers themselves were permanently bent to my hand. I treasured those mittens like any preteen would.

I haven’t knit too much with our guests being here. I am working on Cameron’s sock but am so unhappy with Trekking yarn that it is really slow going. I am working on the foot and anxiously await the toe decreases. Then it will be one sock down and one to go. My Peace Fleece yarn has not come yet. I thought it would be here by Friday or Saturday, at the very latest. Maybe today…I want to start my Everyday Cardi!

Marguerite and Harvey are having a lovely time. I think I have said Marguerite is an artist. They have spent quite a bit of time at the galleries in Manhattan and will go to the museums this week. Harvey would like to go to Century 21 and music shops. He is really sweet and excellent with the kids. Cameron has seen pictures of he and Harvey from when he was a baby and thinks Harvey is his “mate.” For a 20 year old, I am amazed by Harvey’s patience with Cameron. Other exciting New York experiences include bagels, pizza, and the mall. Harvey is quite impressed with Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes. We have yet to hit the beach and Target. Oh the places we’ll go…


8 Responses to “My knitting history”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Beverly Royce’s double knitting technique totally changed how I think about knitted things. Thanks for sharing your memory of her.

  2. annie Says:

    I love the pics from your knitting history. That is so great that you have them! In 1981 you were a pre-teen? Hmm..I was already in high school.I’m soooo ancient!

  3. Rachael Says:

    Wow! I’m again so amazed you have evidence of your early knitting career. I was busy hiding, pretending I *didn’t* knit. I never let anyone take pictures. Yours are great! And thanks for the well wishes, dear, i’m finally on the mend….. 🙂

  4. Carrie Says:

    ooooh I cant wait to wash my socks now!!!! I’m newly addicted to silk garden… it’s sad.

  5. Laura S Says:

    I love seeing these pictures! What a treasure.

    Still waiting on my Peace Fleece also. Having a hard time being patient!

    Glad to hear you’re having a good time with your company. Sounds like a lot of fun.


  6. Bethany Says:

    The trekking sock looks cute to me! I have to admit, though, I was hoping for something with a romulan in colorwork, or in starfleet red. Your’s is much cuter, though.

  7. Dava Says:

    Knitting camp? Is it still there? Can I go? Please? Thanks for showing the book–looks like a must-have!

  8. Kerstin Says:

    Great picture. I was a senior in high school in 1981. Old lady that I am. 🙂

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