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The countdown March 23, 2004

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The countdown has started till the Dinner Dance. Tonight is our last meeting. And the dance is 4 sleeps away. I am very excited for this to be over. While I am hopeful that we raise a lot of money, I am ready for my life to be my own again. We plan to add significantly to the fundraising that night. Up for silent auction is a pug. I got outbid last year but I am bringing more money this year and I am getting a dog. Yippee! I told the kids when everyone was pottytrained we would get a dog. Now we are all trying to decide upon a name–except Kevin. He is being a stinker saying he doesn’t want one. But majority rules!


Here is the knitting basket I made for the dinner dance. They are meant to be valued around $100. There is over $40 in yarn, a $25 GC to Granny’s Yarn Shoppe, needles, a how to book, the two novelty scarves and the bag itself. Oh yea! And a one hour knitting lesson at my house with me and my mom. One knit blogger sent me yarn to knit up a felted bag for Owen’s school. I plan to do that and raffle it off among the teachers–donating the money back to the school. Look what else she sent me. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Owen has been waking up kind of early. Yesterday it was 5am. Today it was 4am. We are looking forward to “springing ahead.” I hope he gets back to normal after our guests leave. I think the change is throwing off his routine. At least, I hope that’s it.


7 Responses to “The countdown”

  1. Tina Says:

    What a fun bag to win! I hope you all raise lots of money, and of course win that puppy!

  2. annie Says:

    I can’t wait to see the puppy! How fun.

    I love your weather pixie. Is she new?

  3. Julia Says:

    Wow, you’ve really outdone yourself! I know that your efforts will be appreciated and I’m sure the knitting bag will be a big hit. Here’s a silly name – how about “Pugsly” if the puppy is male? Or you could just call it “Gromit” (or Wallace, or Wendy . . .). Of course, the kids will likely be the deciding vote on the name!

  4. greta Says:

    oh wow! The bag is fabulous…I think they ought to just GIVE you the pug right this minute so we can all oooo and aaaah over the puppy of tenderness…
    I’ll say extra puggy prayers…..and sleeping IN, would be good, too.

  5. Laura Says:

    Wow! I hope they appreciate all the work you’ve done. The bag looks fantastic.

    I wanted a pug too (actually still do) but it just didn’t work out. I’ll have to share that story another time. I hope you win, and can’t wait to see cute puppy pictures!!

  6. Francesca Says:

    I would feel very special winning that bag! Good luck, you’ve put a lot of work into it.

  7. Kevin from NY Says:

    In my own defense….I have allowed various critters to share our house, fish, a hamster, a mouse for a short while, various strange bugs and an occasional spider.

    I’m just feeling like there is an illusion of management in our household right now – and a puppy would just poop all over that.

    But as mentioned I am outnumbered in the vote, I am already thinking of way that I will be “repaid” for rolling over on this one, perhaps a couple of passes from Katy’s doghouse?

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