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Change is good March 25, 2004

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Lots of change going on over at Katyknits; our guests have left. Owen is quite pleased as he does not like having people at the house. He missed his basement playroom and spent a lot of time in his bedroom. I tried to pair the guests with reinforcement (sort of like bribery) by having them give Owen donuts or other preferred items. It didn’t help. He was really quiet for the first few days too but began to speak again yesterday.

I had to change my Weather Pixie. I didn’t like her outfit. I would never wear a black shirt with fishnet sleeves. When I examined her wardrobe further, I noticed she wears a bikini. That would never happen here. I much prefer the Flapper Lady’s swimming costume or “cozzie” as they said in the UK.

Yet another change, I am doing laundry again. The whole family—except Owen—is happy about that. Gracie was down to her yuckiest pants and no socks. Cameron had no pajamas. I really should get Gracie back on laundry duty. Oh and soccer started again. I am not ready to be a soccer mom—not now, not ever. Although, on the bright side, I did knit at the games. Alright, soccer starting is not so bad after all.

Cameron’s education meeting is next Tuesday. I feel a bit better about that. I spoke to a few helpful people and I feel pretty empowered that what we are asking for is perfectly acceptable. And I feel more confident that I have the legal jargon to use to ensure he is given what he is entitled to.

The architect is coming on Sunday to discuss the plans to remodel our house. We bought it with the intention of remodeling. I am not sure what we were thinking…oh yea! It was desperation. There were no other houses available. Cameron and Owen currently share a room. That needs to change. Owen is a terrible roommate.

Change. Change. Change.

I had planned to swatch for my Spring Fling ChicKami for Gracie in Patons Grace but didn’t quite get to it. Today I am wading through mountains of paperwork and filing. Blogging is a good change from that. Time for a change back to filing fun.

2 more sleeps till the Dinner Dance. 2 more sleeps till I get my pug. (I hope)


3 Responses to “Change is good”

  1. annie Says:

    “2 more sleeps till I get my pug”. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I bet if you don’t win the pug, that the hubster will come through with another one.

    Good luck for the next two days. It does sound like a lot of stuff is going on. One thing at a time, right? Take it slow and easy. And get lots of knitting in. Stress=bad, knitting=good 🙂

  2. abby Says:

    *thinking good pug thoughts*

    i love pugs. they’re adorable.

    good luck to you with the pug and the dance and everything. you’ll have the best prize there. your basket rocks.

  3. Dava Says:

    Oh, knitting with a pug beside you! Now there’s some inner peace.
    I have been thinking about knitting the sweater in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting that uses Grace–I’ll be interested in reading how you like working with it.
    Thanks for the info on Knitting Camp…very tempting!

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