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Flinging my Spring Fling March 26, 2004

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I have decided to fling my Spring Fling ChicKami in Patons Grace for Gracie. (That sentence makes me smile) I originally purchased the Patons Grace for an easy raglan for babies in the Fall/Winter issue of FCEK. I couldn’t stand the stitch definition. I brought my partially knit sweater to the guild meeting and was told I needed to go down a size. The yarn calls for a #6. I scrapped the raglan sweater idea and thought I would whip up a tank for Gracie. I swatched on a #5 and still don’t like it. It’s not worth a size 4. Of course, I had purchased enough of the Grace for 3 sweaters. There were 2 babies to knit for and it looked so easy, I figured I would donate one. The colors were so cute too. There is a great ChicKami in the Grace at La Gringa Tejedora. C’est la vie. It is not to be, I returned the yarn to Michael’s today.


After Michael’s, I headed over to my mom’s house to tidy my quilting supplies I abandoned after Christmas. My mom is cleaning out her stash and gave me several balls of wool/acrylic to make afghan squares for the Afghans for Afghanalong. I finally started a square last night. I did a little experimental pattern work and have decided I should give up trying to be original. My design looks like a ladder. Perhaps I will be more inspired by these colors than the brown I was working with last night.


The school crossing guard gave me a copy of the latest FCEK. I am going to thumb through it after I read a few blogs. The latest Knitters did nothing to inspire me. And what I really want is my Peace Fleece. I ordered it almost 2 weeks ago. That’s alright, more afghan squares to knit and Critter Knitter blankies.


4 Responses to “Flinging my Spring Fling”

  1. greta Says:

    good for you, fling away!
    Hugs to all…

  2. Rachael Says:

    Look. Now you’ve done it. I’ve just spent a half-hour researching Paton’s Grace, which I didn’t even know about…. Now I must go shopping. I feel a spring ChicKami coming, too…. 🙂

  3. annie Says:

    Where did you order the peace fleece from? Camilla Valley? I think it did take awhile, mainly because it has to go through customs. Hopefully it will be worth it.

    I love that yarn–the reddish wool. Very pretty.

  4. Renada Says:

    Oh my gosh…two weeks?? I bought some Noro from a seller in Canada, and it took 5 days, but I’m in Minnesota (closer to Canada). Hopefully it’ll come soon. Oh, what color PF did you order?? Make sure to take some pics!

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