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Having a fling April 7, 2004

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Well it looks like I will be having a fling after all. This Debbie Bliss simple garter stitch cardigan is really easy to knit. I love the colors so I am enjoying knitting it. And, get this, the instructions say to knit the fronts and back in one piece! I can’t believe it. Debbie Bliss is notorious for flat knitting when it can be easily knit in the round. I am especially pleased ’cause I don’t think I would have liked to seam garter stitch. And the Tahki Cotton Classic…ooh, I think I am in love. After attempting to knit with the Patons Grace–which felt like shoelaces–this is heaven.


Argh. I just lost part of my post and I forgot what I was saying. I know I mentioned something about short term memory issues. Oh. The pattern called for an additional 3 colors. I had to wing it in MA. Thank goodness I did. There are a lot of ends to run through. Argh again. I wanted to do a pop up but it is coming out humongous! So here are the ends.


I have been working on squares for the Afghans for Afghanalong. I really want to try one of those log cabin squares. And I joined the Sitcom Chic Redux at Bagatell’s. I don’t think my Peace Fleece is ever coming. Have I said how disappointed I am with my experience at Camilla Valley Farm? I placed my order on 3/13. And it is taking great strength not to join the Broadripple Sock along. I have some yellow Fixation in mind for that and I bought some of the similar yarn at Elann.


On a non-knitting related note, Cameron, Gracie and I saw Scooby Doo 2. Although it got poor reviews, Cameron and Gracie loved it. (They love any movie). I laughed more than I expected. Perhaps it was getting to the movie theater without a wallet and having to go back home and go again. I felt like I was stuck in the movie Groundhog Day as I had forgotten my cell phone earlier. While Cameron was kind enough to remind me I shouldn’t use my phone at the movie, Owen was at school and I had to be accessible to his teachers. Today, we are going to Owens school for my parent training. Cameron and Gracie will be peer models and we are having a Spring Party (I am class mom). Pizza and fun. Yippee!


8 Responses to “Having a fling”

  1. Dava Says:

    I loved working with Cotton Classic. I am going to use your experience with Grace and try a couple of different cottons before I commit to a whole sweater’s worth. Done the forgotten cell/wallet/paperwork dance a lot myself in the last few days–think it might be the full moon?

  2. Francesca Says:

    Interesting about Grace, there’s a pattern for it in Vogue Knitting I like and thought Wow – how lucky I like a pattern that uses the bargian stuff!

    I like the striped cardi. I can tell but the photo that the yarn is SOFT!

    As for the cell phone, friends remind me that reason it’s called a cell is so I can take it with me 🙂

  3. greta Says:

    amazing…we lived in Syosset. My friends live in Babylon and Stony Brook and I get up there usually at least once a year..the kids grandparents live in Bayside. What a small small world.
    I hope if I get there this year we can meet up and KNIT!
    I’m used to people not wanting company 🙂

  4. annie Says:

    We do have the same fabric! Those are the cushions on my screen porch furniture. I love the colors. See? We are just alike!

    I love the garter stitch cardi- the striping is beautiful.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Hum…how sad about Camilla Valley Farm I will have to delink them!!!

  6. Kerstin Says:

    “Armpit flab is bad enough!” teehee! Your comment cracked me up. Thanks! The colors on your DB cardi are great.

  7. Tina Says:

    Those colors on the DB cardi are so spring! They look great together. That sucks about the Peace Fleece…that yarn is really pretty. Hope you get it soon though.

  8. alison Says:

    Oooh such pretty colors! And stripes rule. Yay, you’re flinging!

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