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I want her April 12, 2004

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She is a puppy mill rescue dog and I desperately want her. Candace. Isn’t she sweet?


7 Responses to “I want her”

  1. sue Says:

    my dh loves these dogs.they are very expensive to buy at a breeders.we were going to get one at the humane society,where they had just broke in to a puppy mill but there was a long list of people asking for the dogs too ;o(
    good luck if you get one!

  2. ann Says:

    one of my dogs is a pug — and while we love all four (!!) of the poochies, our pug has a special grasp on our hearts — she is such a character!! my advice: get the pug!

  3. Caryn in MN Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh! How cute!!! I’ve always wanted a pug..they are so special! I hope you get her and can love her and give her a great life!

  4. annie Says:

    That face! How old is she? Are pugs good with kids? I have heard good things about them. My BIL just got a Shi-Tzu who was very cute and SMART! Only 6 months old, and could do all kinds of tricks. He says they are very good with kids.

  5. Becky Says:

    What a cute little dog. I hope you get her!

  6. jody Says:

    She’s adorable! When are you going to find out if you got her?

  7. kimberly Says:

    Love the puppy!!!! I hope that you get it. I keep telling Tommy that we are going to get a baby fuzfuz (that is what I call those small tiny fuzzy dogs) as soon as we get a house of our own. Just wanted to comment on the cotton classics. Don’t you just LOVE that yarn. It is so dreamy to work with!!! Also, I was reading in one of your past post about wanting to knit another bunny and you thought about using the pattern I used… well, it was sooooo easy and so fast. The entire thing was knit on 8s or 10s if I can remember and it knit up so quickly!!! You should give it a try.

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