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Just another rainy Tuesday April 13, 2004

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I kept Owen home from school today so we could go to the dentist. Fun, right? It is quite the endeavor. Initally, he was pleased to be there–long hallway to run in, waterfountain, elevator…but once we got upstairs it was all about, “I want potty.” He was desperate to get out of the dentists office. Last time we went, he had to be papoosed. There ain’t nothing Pocohantas and sweet about that. It is a big mesh velcro thing that they wrap people up in to get into their mouth. Poor Owen needed a tooth extracted that he had chipped crawling as a baby and an x-ray. I can’t say I blame his attitude. But the prizes are good. He is quite the Houdini too–he was able to get two arms out of the papoose and a foot free.

This time Owen just sat on my lap and we flipped him back. It only took 3 of us to hold him down–which is an improvement from the 5 it took the very first time. He had some “shading” on two of his molars that could turn into cavities. The dentist said he would have to remove them while Owen was asleep if it comes to that–at the hospital. Let’s hope it doesn’t. He got a very cool Toy Story toothbrush though and we went to McDonalds afterwards.

Here is the Birch Shawl that my mother made for me. It is done in Kidsilk Haze. Kevin had bought two skeins at John Lewis when he was in London. My mom, being the clever woman she is, acquired the 3rd skein in the same dyelot through the internet. I will get the link from her later. (I have to blog and run). It had some undyed areas in the skein and Rowan was very good about replacing it. Nice customer service. I had a close up shot but it appears to be missing…along with my Everyday Cardi swatch.

Yes, I swatched for the EC. Yea. I am fairly close to gauge. I guess it is 4 st to the inch on a #8. I am at about 4.25. I think the ribbing on the #6’s will give me the correct gauge. Or I could be in gauge denial. We’ll see…The color is very deep. I think I have a love/hate relationship with it. Or more like a like/dislike relationship. We will have to see how it goes. I found the pictures.


The Pug
Thanks for all your positive comments regarding Candace, the pug. It is a pretty involved process to get a puppymill rescue dog. I had to fill out a lengthy form with 3 references–including a vet. They call the vet first and it goes from there. I am hoping, with all of the positive thoughts, we will hear something. I don’t even know how long the process can last. And you have to make a hefty donation too. My fingers are crossed.


5 Responses to “Just another rainy Tuesday”

  1. Dava Says:

    Oh Kathleen, I feel like such a slacker when I read your posts! And you do it with kids! I hope you get Candace; she looks like a real sweetie. With any luck, I’ll be posting pics of my EC tonight. Look for some familiar buttons…Thanks!

  2. margene Says:

    Love the shawl! Have fun with EC, too. GOod luck on the puppy…what a doll!

  3. greta Says:

    Been there, done the papoose thing, omg. It’s so awful. I know EXACTLY which prayers to pray for you! It WILL get easier, I promise. It will….and you will live to tell about it 🙂

  4. Laurie Says:

    Is that hemlock? It looks greenish-bluish on my monitor, but I’ve seen hemlock and I know it’s GREEN GREEN GREEN. It’s gonna be lovely.

    I know a dentist here in SLC that puts autistic kids under general anesthesia for cleanings. I’ve never had to do that, but YIKES! My William never freaked out at the dentist–it was my “neurotypical” kid who had to be held down, and then wet all over himself in terror. We don’t go to that dentist anymore (evil woman–and she called herself a “pedia” dentist. Yeah, right).

  5. Tina Says:

    What a pretty shawl…especially since it’s made by your mom. I feel some definite mom-envy, my mom doesn’t knit and I’m sure if she did I’d have some very ugly fuschia and teal sequin and rhinestone accented sweaters. I really hope you can get that dog. I spent the past weekend with my friend helping her find a kitten to adopt. Personally…I think that adopting one is so much nicer than buying one, saving it’s life and all.

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