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Are we there yet? April 15, 2004

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I felt like a kid on a long drive to Grandmas house–before DVD/VCR players in the minivan and Gameboy, asking the perpetual question, “Are we there yet?” I probably could have had more knitting done and met my final goal on Na Craga if I hadn’t stopped so often to measure. And it felt like the more I knit, the more the centimeters did not grow. On one sleeve I am finally at the specified length and could begin the saddle. However, I have decided to make the sleeve one pattern repeat longer to accommodate my long arms.

I worked a little bit on the Peace Fleece sleeve. But I am concerned about my gauge. Isn’t it always the way? On my swatch I had 4.25 stitches to the inch. On the actual sleeve it is about 3.75. UGH! I sought some motherly advice and she said to go with it. It already feels so tight knitting on the #8 that I don’t think I could knit it on a #7. I did put it over the Na Craga sleeve and they were similar in size.

Last, I worked on the Debbie Bliss cardi sleeve. I haven’t even finished the increases there—so no point in measuring. One more sleeve to go and it is seam city. Yippee. That will free up my #5’s to begin the Sitcom Chic. Oh, and I have been keeping Cameron’s second sock in the car. I am not really knitting and driving—more like knitting and idling—waiting for the kids at pick up from school, waiting for the railroad crossing gates. Once I finish that sock I want to start the Broadripple sock in my Elann sock yarn. Oh…and there is the Bottoms up Bucket. I resisted a trip to Michaels today to pick up some yarn for it. I want to dive into the stash closet and find something. Also, next Friday I get my 20% guild discount at my LYS. We’ll see what Granny has.

Still no word about Candace the pug…my mother and sister want her siblings. I hope this will bring us up in the ranks of puppy mill rescue potentials. Keep your fingers crossed.


8 Responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. annie Says:

    Remember that the EC sleeve is BIG. People were referring to them as “bat wings”. I think your gauge will be perfect for the sleeves.
    Na Craga….Must get back to that. Yours looks beautiful!

  2. margene Says:

    Knit on! Everything looks great. That’s how it’s done…one stitch at a time.

  3. godsend Says:

    I second margene’s comment! It looks wonderful. I’m still fretting over a cable for my first adult sweater, and you’re working on two garments and a sock at once!

  4. ann Says:

    Hi Katy!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and Candace — she is so cute!! Any idea on how long before you will know for sure? To answer your questions on my site — I found the FanPants on metafilter.com – aren’t they funny? (as if my arse isn’t padded enough!!) And yes, I would love to come to the guild meeting — would it be possible for my two knitting friends to come as well? I am very interested in seeing that ‘magic loop’ sock technique!

  5. Rachael Says:

    Oh, I’m soooo much in love with Na Craga. Every time I see her, I just love her more…..

  6. jody Says:

    What did you end up deciding on the Debbie Bliss sleeves? It looks like you kept the pattern repeat as on the cardi but i’m not sure.

    Your lengthening the sleeve comment made me laugh. Knitting is one of the few times in my life where I actually *love* being 5’2″!!! Now if I could only figure a way to reach the top of the cabinets without climbing onto the countertop!

  7. Julia Says:

    Imagine Na Craga as an afghan! The benefit there is that it gives you lots of time to imagine what you’d *rather* be knitting! Yours looks great!

  8. greta Says:

    A row at a time dear, a row at a time. In no time you’ll have THREE sweaters and a couple of pairs of socks and your son will amaze and delight you with something that everybody else just takes totally for granted. Such are the blessings we are showered with daily.
    Just for the record, you never sound gloomy and doomy to me…
    I think I have my filters set on STUN…none of that stuff gets through my sensory threshold!

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