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Spring + Fling=Finished April 23, 2004

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Yippee! My Spring Fling is finished. Kevin took this sucker to work with him this morning. It is a gift for his friend/coworker who generously donated to Owen’s school. Next up a little boy sweater for the other coworker that also donated. I want to do a rollneck raglan in the round with as little ends as possible. Can you imagine why?

The Debbie Bliss Easy Garter Stitch cardigan was a quick and easy knit. I absolutely loved the Tahki Cotton Classic. Prior to this cardi, I had been a dedicated Cotton Fleece girl–great yardage and great price. But the Tahki just had a great feel and the colors were beautiful. I liked that Debbie Bliss designed the pattern to be knit in one till you split for the armholes. I did a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders on the right side to continue the garter look (rather than casting off and seaming.) I wasn’t thrilled with my seaming job on the sleeves. The instructions from Bliss’ How to Knit did nothing to help me. I had to wing my fling. The first sleeve looked better than the second–no idea why, just did. I took a deep breath, got a few family opinions and let it go. I appreciate all of your input on the buttons. Poor Kevin had suggested dark purple on Wed. night and I shot him down. I guess I should listen to him a bit more…nah.

Today is my knitting guild meeting. I am excited to meet two new knitting Ann’s. And I am teaching my felting workshop. I worked on Na Craga and the Peace Fleece cardi. Sitcom Chic is going to be ripped. My mom is going to help me resize the numbers to fit Gracie. And I am on the lookout for Katia 25. I want to make Gracie that off the shoulder tank that Kerstin at My Knits End made for her daughter. Granny’s Yarn Shoppe sells Katia so I hope I get it today. If not, I will be ordering it. It might be my sweater for Kimberly’s Marilyn-along.

I hope to post more pictures later, after the guild meeting. I am a bit tired today…Owen has been getting up nightly in the wee hours. I hate, no, I abhor sleep deprivation. So, I am not playing with a full deck today.

a little later


I met Ann of Purling Swine today at the knitting guild meeting. We have emailed several times and chatted on the phone once. Let me tell you, she is even cooler in person! She brought a couple of friends and they all joined the guild. Yeah! Today was a great meeting. Ronald McDonald House did a presentation for the members as the guild donates a lot of knitted items to the house on Long Island. And we had the various workshops. I did a felting workshop. This is kind of a hard workshop to do as we can’t do the actual felting. But a lot of the ladies had never felted before and wanted a bit of reassurance. I was surprised the majority of my group didn’t know I-cord. I am glad I was able to show them that. It was a great meeting. (Sorry Ann, but they aren’t usually that good!) I hope Ann comes to the June luncheon. If you have the opportunity to meet Ann–you definately should.

We were going to drape ourselves across the Steinway but were afraid we might get in trouble.


10 Responses to “Spring + Fling=Finished”

  1. Rachael Says:

    FABULOUS! Wear it today, won’t you? I love it. Hope you get a nap….

  2. annie Says:

    Beautiful sweater. For some reason, I thought it was for your daughter. How nice of you to make that for someone else. Wow!

    Yes, my youngest has been getting up in the wee hours as well. I had one night where he didn’t and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated being able to actually SLEEP! You don’t realize how much you miss it until it is interrupted.

  3. jody Says:

    *sigh* I do the same thing with Paul. Ask his advice and toss it aside. Get the same advice on my blog and think it’s so much better. Glad to see I’m in good company!

    The cardi looks great! I can imagine how scushy it is in all that garter 🙂

  4. godsend Says:

    I was coming here to email you, but then I saw your new FO! My goodness!! It’s gorgeous.

    Not thrilled with your seaming? Can’t tell by the pic. It’s just gorgeous!! But I am beginning to wonder, can we get perfect seams?

    Anyway, great job. Oh yeah, your comment was funny! From now on whenever I watch Snow White with my son, I’ll be thinking of “Sleevey”!

  5. Tina Says:

    The cardi looks great, especially with the darker purple buttons. I get sick of seaming after the first seam..I’ve had it with finishing, from now on all my planned projects are going to be on circs if possible.

  6. ann Says:

    *blush* thanks again for inviting us to the meeting — we all had a great time!! I already put the next meeting in my palm pilot – we are all set! And it was so nice to finally meet a fellow blogger!! I agree that we are a bunch of cool people!! even if we are too scared to drape ourselves over a piano — the whole steinway thing just intimidated me, if it were a baldwin, I would have been all over it like white on rice!

  7. Kevin from NY Says:

    So you tossed my button advice aside like a dirty dishtowel….but i got my revenge – i didnt even realize there was a button debate going on and that you had ended up going with a darker purple color…….haha! see! I was right! I was right! Mark the day down i was right!

  8. Dava Says:

    It looks terrific–man, you are fast!

  9. Kerstin Says:

    That’s good to hear about the Tahki Cotton Classic. I have some to knit another tank with and I just balled it up. I like the feel of it and was wondering how it would knit up. It comes in an incredible array of colors, that’s for sure. Love the cardi, what a wonderful gift!

  10. alison Says:

    The cardi looks great! The stripes came out perfectly. And how nice of DB to let you do it all in one piece to the armholes – usually she’s all about seaming. It’s a lovely baby gift for a spring baby. 🙂

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