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What’s knitting? April 29, 2004

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missionowenHere is Owens one-sleeved Mission Falls sweater in all of its unfinished “glory.” Why didn’t I finish this? I “adapted” a Debbie Bliss pattern, knit it in the round on a different gauge. It was all wrong. Now is my chance to make it right. “Mission Owen.” I think I am going to just knit off the existing sweater and make it a raglan. However, I may not have enough yarn to knit for Owen—all of a year and a half later. I used Chicory. Any suggestions for coordinating color/s?

graciechiccamchicNext up we have my bottomless bucket of mistakes. I knit it at the wrong gauge. Floppy city, with multiple counting errors due to television knitting. I ripped and reknit on 6’s. Why I have I become such a loose knitter? It is now standing on its own and should be finished by tonight. Cameron wants a blue one. I wonder if Owen will wear one. I will make him one anyway. You never know. Gracie was cute. I just started the decreases this morning and as she’s putting her shoes on to leave for school she wanted to know if it would be done for school. Sure sweetie.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is on for Kevin and me Saturday. Yippee. I am looking forward to meeting all you knit bloggers. Off to Michaels with my mom. I think I may knit that mitered square rug in Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. I would like it for my kitchen. It is currently pea green and yellow with faux brick. I don’t think I will use those colors but it brings up the question—how will we be doing the new kitchen? The architect is coming on Tuesday.


4 Responses to “What’s knitting?”

  1. Anita Says:

    Since you’re thinking about redoing the sleeve treatment, maybe you could do a big chest/arm stripe in the sand color? Nice and boyish–understated, but eyecatching.

  2. Laura Says:

    I was thinking stripe also, but black. Sand sounds good, too!

  3. Allison Says:

    Yeah. Being a loose knitter is annoying sometimes. Especially since on some yarns I am on and on others I am not. Makes for more swatching than I like!

    As for the sweater. I like a grey to match.

  4. stonering Says:

    I think I’d coordinate colors in the Mission Falls with Graphite, Lichen or Fog – for nice neutral boy tones. And I’d do it as a stripe, or stripes too. You could also do all ribbing in one color, and then just a single small chest stripe to match. It’s fun to play with. What does Owen like?

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