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Knitting secret pal May 31, 2004

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Click the monkey to meet my knitting secret pal.

And thanks to Sandy for organizing this.


I’ve got the cravat May 29, 2004

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leafcravat529The Leaf Cravat from Interweave Knits Winter 2002 is finished. I used Esslinger Wolle Marina from my mother’s stashaster. It is 100% cotton. I think I would have preferred a wool/cotton but I like it nonetheless and I really like this design by Teva Durham. Her website is interesting, check it out. Here is a free pattern for Round the Capelet, for those who hook. It uses chunky wool and is done in 8 rounds. I hope Gracie’s teacher likes this. And thank you all for the suggestions for other teacher gifts. I love the idea of a lace bookmark but I bought some novelty scarf yarn too. I would like to try one of those chenille washcloths too.

It was a fairly quiet day. Kevin took Cameron and Owen to the diner for breakfast. So cute. Owen did pretty well too–sat nicely, ate his bagel, stacked jelly containers. I took he and Cameron over to my mom’s to meet Isabella today. Owen is a bit scared of dogs but he did better than I expected. I was working on a Wheaten Terrier rescue yesterday and today but Sugarplum has been adopted. I want a dog.

Oh, Cameron, Gracie and I saw Shrek 2 last night. I was a bit disappointed. Some of it was just a little too mature and inappropriate for my taste–like Pinocchio wearing a woman’s thong. Can someone tell me why? Shrek was such a nice story. I think they tried just a little too hard with this one. I have to admit though, Puss in Boots was adorable, those big saucer kitty cat eyes were so stinkin’ cute.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are off to a BBQ with friends from Owen’s school tomorrow. They live on a stream. I hope Owen stays dry.


Rain rain go away May 28, 2004

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What is with this weather? Will it ever stop raining? The kids are getting a bit stir crazy. We made it out for a little while yesterday but Owen bit me when it was time to leave the playground. It was a rough afternoon with him. And that shoe behavior I described a few days back. Well, let’s just say the new shoes haven’t helped. In fact, he is now taking his sock off too. Little bugger he is.

Thankfully, I had an exciting evening ahead–to keep me going. Do you want to know where I went? Click here. Yup, I went to Ann’s. She had a couple of friends coming over, Peggy and Ricki, and invited me along too. I had some of that delicious Rhubarb Upside Down cake she posted the recipe for. Mmm…And I met Pug. I love Pug. I would have put Pug in my knitting bag and taken her home but she was a wee bit too big. Besides, Isabella would have been jealous. Meet Isabella, my mom and dad’s new dog.
Isabella is a Peekapoo. They got her from a Rescue last night. She is 2 years old and really sweet. I want a dog. Twice we have been passed up for pug rescue dogs. My search will begin, in earnest, after we get back from vacation.

qlovesu7In other exciting news, I ironed Cameron’s shirt. Q and U are getting married today. All of the kindergarteners get dressed up, they have a ceremony, a reception and give gifts. In this case, a quilt that they made. While I had the iron out, I steam blocked the Leaf Cravat. Unforunately, I haven’t woven the ends in yet. I hate ironing, so I had to strike while the iron was hot. I will try to post a picture later.


A chili day May 26, 2004

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The Leaf Cravat is finished and needs to be blocked (and remain unwrinkled till the end of June). It was a cold and miserable day today. A perfect day for knitting. What I would really like to do is organize my stash closet. I am just not sure where to begin. So I made chili. chili

Mmmm…it was just spicy enough…you know, the kind of spicy that makes your nose drip a little.

I worked on Cameron’s Trekking sock and I think I am ready to start the heel–except my tape measures keep disappearing–again. Kids. I also started my first Critter Knitters blanket using some sort of Lion Brand yarn. Kevin thought it was the same yarn I used to make the Magnum Scarf for Owen’s teacher. Not even close. Unraveling Owen’s sweater was in full swing today too. I still don’t know how to use the Niddy Noddy–I have googled it too. Will I figure it out? There is time, as I still have to order another Mission Falls color. I think I am leaning toward Sand or Pebble but I have also considered ordering more Chicory and just alternating skeins. I guess I have some more thinking to do.

Kevin just told me Fantasia won American Idol. Gracie had her fingers crossed for Diana. I had no real preference…I don’t really like the show.


Baby’s got a new pair of shoes May 25, 2004

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Actually, Owen got 3 new pairs of shoes. We went to the shoe store yesterday. All three kids were in need of sandals but Owen was due to have his foot sized. Now, this is no fun experience. I am sure there are many kids who don’t like having to go to the shoe store or having their hair cut. We have tried many different things to make shoe shopping an easier process for Owen and the shoe salespeople. Last year, we were fairly successful with Owen going in barefoot. But he really seems to be getting better. I went armed with cheese doodles and his ABA teacher.

First we had him sized and he willingly took off his shoes. The salesperson brought out the one pair of sandals they had in Owen’s size. A perfect fit and Owen took off swaggering. Doodles in orange hand, he strutted around the store dancing and checking him self out in all of the mirrors. It was so cute. He was so happy in those sandals that I didn’t have the heart to take them off but we had to try on new sneakers. One of Owen’s behaviors at school is to remove his shoe. I wanted to rule out size issues. He was on the cusp of a new size so we just went with the bigger ones. I hope it helps at school. But I was just so happy that he did so amazingly well. I thanked the shoe salesperson repeatedly but he said they new how to handle people with special needs. I new he meant well but I was hoping he hadn’t realized Owen was anything less than typical. Then again, we have been going to that shop since Gracie was one…and I even went there as a child. Perhaps they remembered us. It wouldn’t be the first place. Oh and the 3rd pair of shoes…they threw in aqua socks if you bought sneakers and sandals.

cravat_some_moreLast night I worked on the Leaf Cravat. Considering it is just 19 stitches across—why is it taking so long? I am not sure how it is going to work in the cotton yarn. I think a cotton/wool blend would work better but the yarn is pretty and was from my mom’s stashaster. And I think I will stop by Granny’s today…even though she isn’t there on Tuesday to get my final something something for my Knitting Secret Pal.

Any suggestions on what to knit for Cameron’s teacher? Something easy? Quick? Affordable? Do others knit for their kids teachers? What do you knit? Does it seem well received? Maybe I will do the Sophie bag for her from Magknits…

Have a great day.


So many frogs…so little time May 24, 2004

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Not a lot of knitting going on…just a whole lot ripping.


I accidentally knit the ribbing for the back of my Everyday Cardigan on a US7 rather than the suggested US6.

My gauge was off on Gracie’s Katia top, so I am knitting it one size smaller and holding my yarn differently. What do you think of those colors? Gracie chose them–she’s not a pink kinda girl.

Sitcom Chic, for Gracie, was way too huge. Again, gauge issues along with size issues. Gracie fits in a ladies XS. The small is going to be too big. So, I need to rework the numbers.

My millends Koigu feather and fan scarf needs to be reworked. I found a pattern I like from the Barbara Walker book.

I didn’t like the foot on Cameron’s Trekking sock. I used two different patterns and the foot was wonky. Cameron didn’t care but I did.

Last, we have Mission Owen. I am trying to unravel the yarn to reskein it using my mother’s knitty noddy but I have no clue how to use it. Anyone have any experience with a knitty noddy?

I got some interesting books at the library today. My reading has suffered as a result of knitting and blogging. They had several new books on autism. Maverick Mind got mixed reviews on Amazon. It is told by a mother who is also a speech language pathologist and audiologist. I also picked up Autism Explaining the Enigma and I picked up 2 others…they usually have such a limited selection. Lest you think it is all serious and no fun, I chose Mea Culpa.


Knitting guild meeting May 21, 2004

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I had my knitting guild meeting today. My LYS, Granny’s offers a discount to guild members on guild days–so I swung by before the meeting to beat the ladies to Granny’s sale bin. 😉 Guess who I ran into? Ann of Purling Swine. She joined the guild after the last meeting. (sucker) Just kidding Ann. I was able to show and tell all about Na Craga. Today’s guest speaker was a spinner from the Long Island Spinning Guild. Ann was thrilled as she just purchased a wheel at the Maryland Sheep and Wolf, I mean Wool festival. (That Cameron–he keeps calling it Sheep and Wolf). Ann and I were chatting a bit and we were getting shhed repeatedly by two, unfriendly quiet ladies. Next month is the guild luncheon, I hope they won’t mind us talking there. Regardless, it was good to see Ann and the spinning was interesting–just not intriguing enough to get me spinning. This guest spinner didn’t really knit with her homespun–just stored it in her attic. My stash closet is about to explode anyway.

Before the guild, I had a parent training at Owen’s school. It was great. We worked a bit on on Owen’s name. Since Cameron could speak, he has always called him “Owie”, a name that Owen liked and took on. We are now trying to teach him to say it properly. We are using a voiceover prompt of “n” as Owen tends to leave off the “n”. I was so bad at it. And Owen wasn’t even coming close to saying Owen a few of the times–it was more like “opie”. We did however ride the scooter boards. Owen’s teacher had said how much he enjoyed it and when she got ahead he would pick up his board and chase her. Well, he chased the two of us around the school today but he would plop his scooter right in front of me and cut me off. It was hysterical. Then he and I held on to each others scooters and made a train. Last, his teacher and I played Monkey in the middle, pushing him back and forth. It was so much fun. Even cuter, when I got to school Owen said, “I want car. I want jacket.” So smart. His teachers are so dedicated and just give so much. I really love them. And the O-man will be home any minute. Have a great weekend.


Caveat cravat May 20, 2004

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cravat I am working on the Leaf Cravat by Teva Durham from Interweave Knits Winter 2002. This is meant to be a present for Gracie’s 4th grade teacher who has been so patient and understanding with Gracie and I as we maneuver our way through the world of preteen girlhood. And she has been a fabulous teacher as well. Gracie has blossomed academically this year. I have made a few mistakes and ripped a bit. I am grateful it is not a shawl.

It has been a busy week. We had Cameron’s meeting for fall placement at school and it went horribly. The district wants to put him into a self-contained first grade class in another building. We are weighing our options now as they told us they could place him without our consent. Do we hire a lawyer/advocate? Do I home school him? Or do we move? I started looking at houses…just so we know what our options are. We are pretty certain that our district will not be able to accomodate Owen very well (if at all) when he is finished with preschool. So moving has been a consideration even before Monday.

It was staff appreciation at both schools this week. It was wonderful at Owen’s. I just love his teachers. He is so funny. Every pay period, the parent’s foundation provides bagels and cream cheese for the staff. Owen always chooses an everything bagel. (Owen has many issues with food related rigidity) Well, yesterday he chose an egg bagel–it was the biggest in the bag. He is so cute. He was having a great day yesterday with his teacher–little to no behavior–so they went out on the scooter boards around the hallways. His teacher went on a scooter too. She said Owen was hysterical and everytime he fell off his board he would pick it up and chase after her to catch up. Cameron and Gracie’s staff luncheon was a little harder to enjoy–I am not feeling all that appreciative after our meeting. Additionally, our district budget failed. Who knows what impact that will have…


with grace May 15, 2004

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Thank you for all of your nice comments on Na Craga. I can’t believe it is finally finished. It almost seems a relief. Gracie’s godfather is in town from Paris. I brought it over to show his mom. Brian’s parents are from Ireland and she used to knit Aran sweaters quite a bit. She hasn’t knit for a long time so she is now inspired to pick up her needles and start again.

Brian’s older brother renewed his wedding vows today. He and his wife were married in Japan last month. Gracie loves a good wedding. It was a lovely mass and the homily was beautiful. We haven’t been to church in a while. The misogynistic nature of the church is as alienating as ever. When we lived in London we were very fortuante to have a wonderful priest at our church–he was married. He was a convert from the Anglican church and with special dispensation from the Pope, he was allowed to be a Catholic priest. Nevertheless today’s homily on love and sacrifice was moving. I came home and gave Kevin a big hug and sloppy kiss.

My B.A. is in Theology. Specifically, I studied Feminist Liberation Theology. I had hoped to pursue my degree further with a Master of Divinity but life got in the way. I would like to go back to graduate school someday. I have strayed off the path of theology. Library and Media Science remain a consideration. Special Education does also. My mentor from college said it might be bit much, Special Ed., as I live it every day. I still have time to decide, right?

Very rambly today…Gracie and I saw Mean Girls yesterday. It was way over her head. She has seen other PG13 movies but this one pushed the limit. So much so that Gracie didn’t really care for it. Gracie was home with a sore nose. Kevin took her and Cameron to a fun fair and Gracie smashed face first into a mirror in the Fun House–I mean House of Horrors! It was so painful that Gracie went to the ER for an X-ray. Gratefully, her nose was not broken. But it was a late night and she was still in pain the next day. She was happy to stay home. Interestingly enough, I had broken my nose in similar way–I walked into a pole in the mall. Duh.

Well, I guess I have drivelled on enough for today. Actually, Kevin’s mom is babysitting tonight and we are going out. Woohoo!


Na Craga May 13, 2004

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Na Craga from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting in all of its finished glory. It has been so long since I started this sweater that I no longer remember when. So it has taken me at least 2 years (possibly 3) to knit this beginner’s aran. I knit the sweater using Cascade 220 and Addi Turbo 7’s. I liked the Cascade quite a bit until this week. It languished in my car on some hot days and the last skein did seem a bit felted. Word to the wise: Don’t leave your yarn in a hot car. Overall I am pleased with the sweater. It was very simple. The most difficult part for me was my attempt to knit both sleeves at once. 60% of the sleeves were done this way but I made many errors and ripped and reknit my mistakes more often than if I had knit them separately.

We lost our cable service yesterday (they finally realized they were giving it to us with our cable modem) so I was momentarily tempted to start St. Brigid. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. I think I will wait till the fall. You ready Sue? A Chick with Sticks and I are going to knit along together. So I will get back to Mission Owen and Gracie’s Katia top for the Marilyn Along. And somewhere in there, I have to knit Cameron’s bucket. He’s asking. UGH! By the way, those exercises rule! My wrists feel so much better.

How about the silly one?