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Day 2 May 3, 2004

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mdsw_034Day 2 of the festival was short and sweet. I made Kevin skip the leisurely breakfast out and get to the festival right away. The good thing about that were no lines and an excellent parking space. Kevin could have had another deep fried Twinkie if he was really hungry.

We were a little early so we hit Tess Yarns right away. Their yarns were expensive but beautiful. The sock yarn was reasonable but I guess everyone else thought so too so there wasn’t much of a selection left. I also bought some Cultivated Silk/Merino and ribbon to make my MIL a scarf for Christmas. And since they only had huge hanks of ribbon in my preferred color way, Sea breeze, I bought myself a skein of angora and merino to make me a scarf. Yeah for me.

Next we went by Koigu. Koigu was quite the experience as they were selling off their millends at .10/gram. It was like drugs. People were going crazy. My mom’s current addiction is Koigu, so I picked up some for her. I felt like I purchased a lot but I tell you, people purchased tons more! Sunday morning was much less insane than say 1pm on Saturday. The Koigu owner complimented me a few times on my Alice Starmore sweater my mom had knit for me. It has motivated me to improve upon my pathetic stranded knitting. I must learn to use both hands to knit. My mom has so many unfinished AS sweaters that I am probably set for life if I finish one every few years. But I want to learn how to do it myself.


I wish I had taken a photograph of the Koigu booth. Kevin had the camera but he stood back, away from the insanity. After that we wandered back up to Sheep to Shawl. I wonder who won. Kevin thought it would be the newspaper themed women. They were all work, no chit chat. I thought they had to be anxious to get the paper hats off their heads. The other teams were a lot chattier. I hope someone posts on their blog the winners. And last we gave the bunnies one more pet. It took much restraint not to bring one of those cuties home. I may be getting one in October. If we have the hutch prepared it will all be good.


We bought Gracie an angora scrunchie from this vendor. The bunny was so docile. Until Kevin gave the owner our money and the bunny jumped off the table. It was pretty dirty after that and Kevin and I took that as our cue to leave.

My mom and dad did pretty well with the kids. Owen mostly avoided them—which was a bummer. Cameron and Gracie did great. Cameron scored a goal at soccer on Saturday and Gracie volunteered at the Special Olympics on Sunday. It was nice to get away with Kevin. His brother lives in Baltimore so we had dinner with him and his wife on Saturday. Owen seemed to be running a little fever on Saturday so we cut it short on Sunday. I am disappointed I didn’t meet any other knit bloggers but it was definitely fun nonetheless. Finally, the stash acquisition…



9 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Kathleen, there definitely needs to be some sort of organized meeting for bloggers next time. I did meet Ann of PurlingSwine fame, but missed everyone else. (She mentioned your lovely blog, so I wanted to drop in and say howdy–the Na Craga is gorgeous!)

    I was a little afraid of liking the deep fried twinkies… were they good?

    Great looking acquisitions!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Wow! It looks like you made out well. Nice you got to get away.

  3. annie Says:

    I love that bunny! It is adorable. Were they selling them? If so, I don’t see how you passed them up.

    And was that sleeve I see in the one picture the AS sweater you mentioned? Gorgeous.
    What was the deal with the paper hats? Nothing like being humiliated in public, right?

    Thanks for the pics, I felt like I was *there*, without all the madness. Love the yarn you brought home. Great stuff!

  4. sue Says:

    ooh la la you did well for yourself ;0) glad you had a fine time!

  5. margene Says:

    Yum, yum, yum….envy, envy, envy. It looks like a great time and what wonderful acquisitions you made! LOVE the red ‘stuff’…more envy. LOL

  6. ann Says:

    great stuff!!! I cannot believe we didn’t run into each other on Sunday at the very least!! I thought about having one of those twinkies, but opted for funnel cake instead.

    see you at the next guild meeting!

  7. Sarah C. Says:

    Great haul! I wish I could have seen the Koigu stampede in person – sounds like it was an experience! You’ve got a great hubby – I’m not sure if my man would go to a sheep and wool fest with me. 🙂

  8. Kevin from NY Says:

    you do have a great hubby…..my role was chaffeur, checkout line stander, taste tester, and bag carrier…..i got a nice plate of nachos and a cold brewski for my efforts

    i was looking for many kindred spirits (aka out of place husbands) saw a few there – we did a secret nod/wink to say “you too?”

    but the dogs were cool – and katy seemed to have a good time so thats what counts

  9. Rachael Says:

    I can’t believe we were both there both days and missed each other! Darn it. Next year?

    I’m thinking about those fried twinkies again now…. 🙂

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