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Na Craga May 13, 2004

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Na Craga from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting in all of its finished glory. It has been so long since I started this sweater that I no longer remember when. So it has taken me at least 2 years (possibly 3) to knit this beginner’s aran. I knit the sweater using Cascade 220 and Addi Turbo 7’s. I liked the Cascade quite a bit until this week. It languished in my car on some hot days and the last skein did seem a bit felted. Word to the wise: Don’t leave your yarn in a hot car. Overall I am pleased with the sweater. It was very simple. The most difficult part for me was my attempt to knit both sleeves at once. 60% of the sleeves were done this way but I made many errors and ripped and reknit my mistakes more often than if I had knit them separately.

We lost our cable service yesterday (they finally realized they were giving it to us with our cable modem) so I was momentarily tempted to start St. Brigid. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. I think I will wait till the fall. You ready Sue? A Chick with Sticks and I are going to knit along together. So I will get back to Mission Owen and Gracie’s Katia top for the Marilyn Along. And somewhere in there, I have to knit Cameron’s bucket. He’s asking. UGH! By the way, those exercises rule! My wrists feel so much better.

How about the silly one?


25 Responses to “Na Craga”

  1. mom Says:

    Your brothers would like that pose, too many family pictures of the 4 of you making that face.
    Sweater looks great! I’m proud of you.

  2. Ingrid Says:

    My mom’s going to order some yarn and then I’ll be working on St. Brigid, too! I tried to do it with Jamieson’s Soft Shetland but I couldn’t get close to gauge (even on 3’s!), so it would only have come out gigantic. I think I may hold off on starting until the fall (oh, that will work – starting a PhD a little outside of my field and knitting a complicated cable sweater), but I’d be happy to along with you guys if you want another!

  3. margene Says:

    Love the ‘silly one’. LOL
    The yarn for Na Craga is so heathery and beautiful (and I’m not fond of green). Cascade 220 is a must for something (next year!).

    In the fall I’m taking a Norwegian class (first ever) at the LYS. My Fair Isle teacher does that in the fall and FI for the winter. Classes are just too much fun even if you already know what you’re doing.

  4. Cindy Says:

    LOVE LOVE the sweater it is sooo ME! (hehe) You should be so proud of yourself you stuck with it and did a wonderful job.

  5. Vicki Says:

    Yay for a beautiful FO! I love the color and it just looks great. And your mom’s proud — how great is that?!

  6. annie Says:

    It is beautiful. Great job! What a relief it must be to finally finish it. Maybe someday I will experience that feeling with my own Na Craga 😉

    So, what yarn are you going to use for St.Brigid? I love that design as well. Maybe I’ll just knitalong with you in spirit!

  7. Mary Beth Says:

    Hooray for YOU!! The silly photo actually shows the PERFECT fit you achieved! The sweater is such an inspiration. You did an awesome job!!

  8. ann Says:

    Congrats on a gorgeous job!! Is that really a beginner’s cabled sweater?? how did you ever manage to model it with all the heat??

  9. ann Says:

    and furthermore …. how did you get the silly picture to pop up with the text prompt? ever since Typepad changed the picture uploading situation, I haven’t figured it out!

  10. Karen Says:

    Beautiful sweater. I love the color. It looks great on you. Now I want one!!

  11. godsend Says:

    Wow. What else can I say?

    Okay, I’m definitely going to get back onto Sleevey tonight!!! Send me some good thoughts, I’m goin’ in..:)

  12. Sheila Says:

    It turned out just Beautiful. What a challenge doing both sleeves at once. I like the stitch definition from the Cascade 220. The color looks close to the Jamieson Woodnymph color I chose for mine.

  13. jody Says:

    awesome job, kathleen! the close up of the neck yesterday is just beautiful. and although i haven’t knit na craga i have to say i don’t think it’s a beginner’s anything!

    st brigid, eh? in the fall you say? hmm…i might be tempted to join you…

  14. Sarah C. Says:

    Wow!! That’s a gorgeous sweater! I am very impressed…I could *never* knit cables so beautifully. 🙂

  15. kimberly Says:

    my wrist as so sore as well. they hurt so badly that i have not knit all week. i did a marathon session over the weekend that killed me…

    what have you been doing to help your?

    also… great sweater by the way

  16. Rachael Says:

    hear hear! You look awesome! You did it! I’m so impressed! 🙂

  17. Rachael Says:

    hear hear! You look awesome! You did it! I’m so impressed! 🙂

  18. greta Says:

    wow! The silly picture is the best, it really shows off the perfectly fitting, wonderfully knit sweater…Hi fives all around! We had a fabulous visit to the college today and there was a new yarn store on the way home…how kewl is that? When we lived on LI we could walk to the bagel store. I miss that!

  19. Uli Says:

    Love the new sweater. What an awesome job. And yes……… I’ll try to get Erika into her Tiny Tots shirt as soon as it’s blocked – hopefully this weekend.

  20. Chelsea Says:

    wowWOWwow!!! na craga looks SO amazing–what a wonderful accomplishment.

    “Beginner”?! I should say not! Beautiful color, beautiful cables… [swoons]

  21. Kerstin Says:


  22. lillium Says:

    Wow and then again Wow! I don’t know what I envy more – your knitting ability or the wonderful post from your Mom! The sweater is just awesome – I like the silly pic the best!

  23. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful. Love the color, the texture shows well. I haven’t knit much with Cascade 220 but it seems like a great all-purpose yarn.

  24. Dava Says:

    Inspiration for me! Thanks for the tip on “hot yarn,” who’da thunk? Stop looking so silly young lady, your face will stick that way!

  25. Becky Says:

    Na Craga is beautiful!

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