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So many frogs…so little time May 24, 2004

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Not a lot of knitting going on…just a whole lot ripping.


I accidentally knit the ribbing for the back of my Everyday Cardigan on a US7 rather than the suggested US6.

My gauge was off on Gracie’s Katia top, so I am knitting it one size smaller and holding my yarn differently. What do you think of those colors? Gracie chose them–she’s not a pink kinda girl.

Sitcom Chic, for Gracie, was way too huge. Again, gauge issues along with size issues. Gracie fits in a ladies XS. The small is going to be too big. So, I need to rework the numbers.

My millends Koigu feather and fan scarf needs to be reworked. I found a pattern I like from the Barbara Walker book.

I didn’t like the foot on Cameron’s Trekking sock. I used two different patterns and the foot was wonky. Cameron didn’t care but I did.

Last, we have Mission Owen. I am trying to unravel the yarn to reskein it using my mother’s knitty noddy but I have no clue how to use it. Anyone have any experience with a knitty noddy?

I got some interesting books at the library today. My reading has suffered as a result of knitting and blogging. They had several new books on autism. Maverick Mind got mixed reviews on Amazon. It is told by a mother who is also a speech language pathologist and audiologist. I also picked up Autism Explaining the Enigma and I picked up 2 others…they usually have such a limited selection. Lest you think it is all serious and no fun, I chose Mea Culpa.


4 Responses to “So many frogs…so little time”

  1. Sarah C. Says:

    Ribbit! What a frogging session! I think it’s fun to rip out projects…well, fun and slightly painful…but you have lots of knitting to look forward to…

  2. Tina Says:

    I’m so behind on commenting!…Your Na Craga came out great! And the Everyday cardi..from what I can see of the ribbing is a really nice shade. Frogging is no fun…but at least you’ll have a mistake free start to all the projects.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Kathleen, Leigh at Woolflowers (she is on my links page) said her first blog was called “niddy noddy” and her May 4th post is all about the Knitty noddy you are talking about. She is very nice if you have any questions.

    Just frog, ball yarn and start again…get back on the horse ; )

  4. Lisa P Says:

    Hi Katy-
    I am interested in buying that tank pattern from Katia that you show in this photo, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

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