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Baby’s got a new pair of shoes May 25, 2004

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Actually, Owen got 3 new pairs of shoes. We went to the shoe store yesterday. All three kids were in need of sandals but Owen was due to have his foot sized. Now, this is no fun experience. I am sure there are many kids who don’t like having to go to the shoe store or having their hair cut. We have tried many different things to make shoe shopping an easier process for Owen and the shoe salespeople. Last year, we were fairly successful with Owen going in barefoot. But he really seems to be getting better. I went armed with cheese doodles and his ABA teacher.

First we had him sized and he willingly took off his shoes. The salesperson brought out the one pair of sandals they had in Owen’s size. A perfect fit and Owen took off swaggering. Doodles in orange hand, he strutted around the store dancing and checking him self out in all of the mirrors. It was so cute. He was so happy in those sandals that I didn’t have the heart to take them off but we had to try on new sneakers. One of Owen’s behaviors at school is to remove his shoe. I wanted to rule out size issues. He was on the cusp of a new size so we just went with the bigger ones. I hope it helps at school. But I was just so happy that he did so amazingly well. I thanked the shoe salesperson repeatedly but he said they new how to handle people with special needs. I new he meant well but I was hoping he hadn’t realized Owen was anything less than typical. Then again, we have been going to that shop since Gracie was one…and I even went there as a child. Perhaps they remembered us. It wouldn’t be the first place. Oh and the 3rd pair of shoes…they threw in aqua socks if you bought sneakers and sandals.

cravat_some_moreLast night I worked on the Leaf Cravat. Considering it is just 19 stitches across—why is it taking so long? I am not sure how it is going to work in the cotton yarn. I think a cotton/wool blend would work better but the yarn is pretty and was from my mom’s stashaster. And I think I will stop by Granny’s today…even though she isn’t there on Tuesday to get my final something something for my Knitting Secret Pal.

Any suggestions on what to knit for Cameron’s teacher? Something easy? Quick? Affordable? Do others knit for their kids teachers? What do you knit? Does it seem well received? Maybe I will do the Sophie bag for her from Magknits…

Have a great day.


6 Responses to “Baby’s got a new pair of shoes”

  1. Chris Says:

    First grade teacher got a pair of socks, which she was very appreciative of. But it was too much effort to repeat each year. Now I just bake goodies. The scarf is lovely. I need to get that pattern out.

  2. margene Says:

    I made a couple of the leaf cravats. One long, one short. It was fun airplane knitting. Yours is a lovely color!
    My mom would leave us (4 girls) in the car and bring the shoes out (the good old days) or draw our foot on a piece of paper and go to the store armed with that. My first time in the store was at 8 years old!

  3. lillium Says:

    I love your daughter’s choice of colors. I wasn’t into pink when I was little either. As a teacher I always appreciated the items that were personally made for me. I guess as someone who does crafts I truly understood the time and effort that was put into the gift. My vote – the bag. IMHO you can never have enough!

    And glad to hear that Owen did so well with the shoe outing. I got a chuckle out of the post about tracing the child’s foot – how ingenious. Would’ve liked to have used that option myself a couple of times!

  4. Mary Beth Says:

    Depends on how the year went :). I don’t have the time to knit for teachers but always fantasize about it for the teachers I love. I think the flower chenille washcloth would be sweet. Or any scarf made to match the person. Of course, be prepared for those that don’t “get it”.

  5. sue Says:

    do her some dishcloths or wash clothes.i don’t knit for the teachers we have had this year but one year i made each teacher a vest that i quilted.this was a xmas time when things are hectic enough,one teacher was very thankful,other one not as much.i really limit my knitting to those who will really like it

  6. alison Says:

    Yay for Owen being so good about getting his new shoes. It’s so rough when they have issues about certain things like shoe-sizing or hair cuts.

    The leaf cravat is lovely. What a nice present. If socks or another scarf seem like too much, you could knit a lovely lace bookmark. I’ve seen some pretty patterns on the web. I think that’d be a nice gift for a teacher.

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