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I’ve got the cravat May 29, 2004

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leafcravat529The Leaf Cravat from Interweave Knits Winter 2002 is finished. I used Esslinger Wolle Marina from my mother’s stashaster. It is 100% cotton. I think I would have preferred a wool/cotton but I like it nonetheless and I really like this design by Teva Durham. Her website is interesting, check it out. Here is a free pattern for Round the Capelet, for those who hook. It uses chunky wool and is done in 8 rounds. I hope Gracie’s teacher likes this. And thank you all for the suggestions for other teacher gifts. I love the idea of a lace bookmark but I bought some novelty scarf yarn too. I would like to try one of those chenille washcloths too.

It was a fairly quiet day. Kevin took Cameron and Owen to the diner for breakfast. So cute. Owen did pretty well too–sat nicely, ate his bagel, stacked jelly containers. I took he and Cameron over to my mom’s to meet Isabella today. Owen is a bit scared of dogs but he did better than I expected. I was working on a Wheaten Terrier rescue yesterday and today but Sugarplum has been adopted. I want a dog.

Oh, Cameron, Gracie and I saw Shrek 2 last night. I was a bit disappointed. Some of it was just a little too mature and inappropriate for my taste–like Pinocchio wearing a woman’s thong. Can someone tell me why? Shrek was such a nice story. I think they tried just a little too hard with this one. I have to admit though, Puss in Boots was adorable, those big saucer kitty cat eyes were so stinkin’ cute.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are off to a BBQ with friends from Owen’s school tomorrow. They live on a stream. I hope Owen stays dry.


13 Responses to “I’ve got the cravat”

  1. ann Says:

    that scarf looks great — I knit mine from a wool and yours has much better pattern definition. You may be onto something with the blend idea.
    too bad about Sugarplum 😦 I want you to have a dog too!

  2. Tina Says:

    The cravat came out great!..Your stitches look so even..I’m jealous..That’s a perfect teacher gift, I cant totally see that on a teacher.

  3. Lynette Says:


  4. Rachael Says:

    Cravat is gorgeous! I think it’s in perfect yarn, myself….. I’m off to see the new Shrek. I’m glad you said what you did — it’ll lower my expectations, always a good thing. I hate expecting a lot and being disappointed….

  5. lillium Says:

    You would have been a welcome Mom in my classroom any day of the week! Love the color and the texture! Thanks on the Shrek info – had a feeling this is one I could pass. I wasn’t that impressed with the first one.

  6. sue Says:

    i really like the cravat.I’m sure the teacher will love it!what a nice gift,Katy ;0)

  7. Jen L Says:

    Katy – You are the most wonderful Secret Pal! I got the final package yesterday. I LOVE IT! I almost ordered this kit myself a few months ago. I can’t wait to knit myself a monkey! He will be my mascot. And I started a pair of socks with the lovely blue sock yarn yesterday, too. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you had as much fun as I did with the KSP project. Oh, and I’m glad I found a new blog to read, too! 🙂

  8. Vicki Says:

    Beautiful cravat!! We live near a creek and M never stays dry — even with reminders! Kids and water…

    I do so hope you find a dog soon.

  9. carrie Says:

    I bought myself a Wheaten Terrier when I was a teenager!! There are nice Wheaten’s and there are not so nice Wheatens. This breed you really can tell if it is a good breeder or not. There is alot of brushing required also or you have to keep them trimed up. Why are you trying to rescue? Why not buy exactly what you want? Just wondering : )
    Your Cravet is lovely!

  10. Cindy Says:

    Kathleen, The last post was made by me…with sharing computers with Carrie she had her info saved with you last and I didn’t even notice…

  11. Becky Says:

    The scarf is wonderful! How cool to see some crocheted items out there. Makes me want to bring out the hooks…

  12. Sarah C. Says:

    Wow! The cravat came out wonderfully. It’s perfect!

  13. Kerstin Says:

    Love the cravat! That has to be the prettiest one I’ve seen. Must put on the to-do list. Lucky teacher!

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