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Caveat cravat May 20, 2004

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cravat I am working on the Leaf Cravat by Teva Durham from Interweave Knits Winter 2002. This is meant to be a present for Gracie’s 4th grade teacher who has been so patient and understanding with Gracie and I as we maneuver our way through the world of preteen girlhood. And she has been a fabulous teacher as well. Gracie has blossomed academically this year. I have made a few mistakes and ripped a bit. I am grateful it is not a shawl.

It has been a busy week. We had Cameron’s meeting for fall placement at school and it went horribly. The district wants to put him into a self-contained first grade class in another building. We are weighing our options now as they told us they could place him without our consent. Do we hire a lawyer/advocate? Do I home school him? Or do we move? I started looking at houses…just so we know what our options are. We are pretty certain that our district will not be able to accomodate Owen very well (if at all) when he is finished with preschool. So moving has been a consideration even before Monday.

It was staff appreciation at both schools this week. It was wonderful at Owen’s. I just love his teachers. He is so funny. Every pay period, the parent’s foundation provides bagels and cream cheese for the staff. Owen always chooses an everything bagel. (Owen has many issues with food related rigidity) Well, yesterday he chose an egg bagel–it was the biggest in the bag. He is so cute. He was having a great day yesterday with his teacher–little to no behavior–so they went out on the scooter boards around the hallways. His teacher went on a scooter too. She said Owen was hysterical and everytime he fell off his board he would pick it up and chase after her to catch up. Cameron and Gracie’s staff luncheon was a little harder to enjoy–I am not feeling all that appreciative after our meeting. Additionally, our district budget failed. Who knows what impact that will have…


with grace May 15, 2004

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Thank you for all of your nice comments on Na Craga. I can’t believe it is finally finished. It almost seems a relief. Gracie’s godfather is in town from Paris. I brought it over to show his mom. Brian’s parents are from Ireland and she used to knit Aran sweaters quite a bit. She hasn’t knit for a long time so she is now inspired to pick up her needles and start again.

Brian’s older brother renewed his wedding vows today. He and his wife were married in Japan last month. Gracie loves a good wedding. It was a lovely mass and the homily was beautiful. We haven’t been to church in a while. The misogynistic nature of the church is as alienating as ever. When we lived in London we were very fortuante to have a wonderful priest at our church–he was married. He was a convert from the Anglican church and with special dispensation from the Pope, he was allowed to be a Catholic priest. Nevertheless today’s homily on love and sacrifice was moving. I came home and gave Kevin a big hug and sloppy kiss.

My B.A. is in Theology. Specifically, I studied Feminist Liberation Theology. I had hoped to pursue my degree further with a Master of Divinity but life got in the way. I would like to go back to graduate school someday. I have strayed off the path of theology. Library and Media Science remain a consideration. Special Education does also. My mentor from college said it might be bit much, Special Ed., as I live it every day. I still have time to decide, right?

Very rambly today…Gracie and I saw Mean Girls yesterday. It was way over her head. She has seen other PG13 movies but this one pushed the limit. So much so that Gracie didn’t really care for it. Gracie was home with a sore nose. Kevin took her and Cameron to a fun fair and Gracie smashed face first into a mirror in the Fun House–I mean House of Horrors! It was so painful that Gracie went to the ER for an X-ray. Gratefully, her nose was not broken. But it was a late night and she was still in pain the next day. She was happy to stay home. Interestingly enough, I had broken my nose in similar way–I walked into a pole in the mall. Duh.

Well, I guess I have drivelled on enough for today. Actually, Kevin’s mom is babysitting tonight and we are going out. Woohoo!


Na Craga May 13, 2004

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Na Craga from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting in all of its finished glory. It has been so long since I started this sweater that I no longer remember when. So it has taken me at least 2 years (possibly 3) to knit this beginner’s aran. I knit the sweater using Cascade 220 and Addi Turbo 7’s. I liked the Cascade quite a bit until this week. It languished in my car on some hot days and the last skein did seem a bit felted. Word to the wise: Don’t leave your yarn in a hot car. Overall I am pleased with the sweater. It was very simple. The most difficult part for me was my attempt to knit both sleeves at once. 60% of the sleeves were done this way but I made many errors and ripped and reknit my mistakes more often than if I had knit them separately.

We lost our cable service yesterday (they finally realized they were giving it to us with our cable modem) so I was momentarily tempted to start St. Brigid. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. I think I will wait till the fall. You ready Sue? A Chick with Sticks and I are going to knit along together. So I will get back to Mission Owen and Gracie’s Katia top for the Marilyn Along. And somewhere in there, I have to knit Cameron’s bucket. He’s asking. UGH! By the way, those exercises rule! My wrists feel so much better.

How about the silly one?


Wanna neck? May 12, 2004

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wannaneckI do!

Just have to run through the ends and this baby is finished.
I will try to get my mom or Gracie to take a picture tomorrow. Thanks for all of your words of encouragement.


Still not finished May 11, 2004

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ReefForGracieStill not finished with Na Craga. So I will show a picture of Gracie in Reef, knit by my mom. Some of you may have seen it on Knitting Beyond the Hebrides. I guess Gracie was 2 1/2. Cutie. That sweater just resurfaced the other day in Owen’s bed. He is so funny sometimes.

I was a bit confused over the neck on Na Craga. I have spent a lot quality time with my mom lately. At least I took her out to lunch today. I guess I have 6cm left and a few ends to run through. I can hardly believe it. And I can’t find my 16 inch #6’s. I have 2 of them and a set of Denise Interchangeables and Plymouth Sisters. I am using two of my mom’s circs. I have got to organize my stash.


unfinished May 10, 2004

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Unfinished is the way it goes around here. Seaming Na Craga has taken longer than I thought and I have sought the assistance and opinion of my mother quite a bit. I am finally ready to start the neck. But I am a bit hesitant as the pain in my forearm has turned to burning in my wrist. I really haven’t knit since Thursday so I am not exactly sure what the problem is.

rona2On the jumper board is Rona, another Alice Starmore knit by my mom. The blocking of Na Craga seems to have inspired her to finish a few of her AS sweaters lying around. We will be on a button mission for my new cardi. Yippee!

Mother’s Day was quiet. I was not feeling well so Kevin brought the kids to his brothers and I stayed at home on the couch and in bed. I watched the final episode of Friends. It was okay. I was ready for Friends to be done. I guess they were 6 friends who had worn out their welcome. Back to the neck of Na Craga before it, too, wears out its welcome.


Yawn May 6, 2004

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Here is Owen modeling–or I should say–sleeping in his Sugar n Cream Bottoms Up Bucket hat. I finished it Friday night (before we left for Maryland). Kevin and I left in the wee hours of the morning so my mom gave it to him. He refused to wear it–such the charmer. When we got back on Sunday, I gave it to Owen right away and he wore it up until he climbed into bed (and threw it on the floor). Owen wore it to school the next day and it got rave reviews from the bus driver and matron to the teachers and staff. Way to go Bonne Marie! I mentioned earlier this week that we had Owen’s IEP meeting; it went well–better than expected, I think. His teacher confessed she stole the hat off Owen’s head and wore it herself. She assured me she gave Owen his Yankees hat instead.

I have one bucket left to make for Cameron. My arm has been killing me since knitting these two buckets. I *heart* Margene! She pointed me in the direction of this website. These exercises have helped tremendously. Michelle says holding the yarn in her left hand instead of throwing with her right helped her with the pain in her arm. I would love to learn this technique. And it is definately part of my Fair Isle knitting plans.

Gracie’s yarn arrived for her Katia top I am knitting for Kimberly’s Marilyn Along. I am blatantly copying Kerstin. They say imitiation is the greatest form of flattery. At least Gracie chose blue and turquoise.