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This and that June 7, 2004

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luna_lovegoodCameron, Gracie and I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Saturday. We bought our tickets online and got to the theater early anticipating, I guess, that old Star Wars phenomena. No such craze–we got into an earlier movie and had good seats next to each other. The movie was pretty good. It is hard to create a movie that could compare to the 3rd book. Especially the 3rd book–it was my favorite. Of course, it made me miss our own little Sirius Black more than ever. Luna and Fluffy aren’t very friendly and would be quite a bit happier if we would just feed them and give them toilet paper rolls.

I worked on Cameron’s Trekking sock and bent the needle on the way to the pet store. Oh, nothing exciting. Just a tank for the gerbils. They were eating the plastic on the old habitrail cage. I did as best I could on the sock with the bent needle and gave up. I moved on to Gracie’s Katia top. I hate the decreases. The pattern says to bind off three stitches every right side row. It has a stair effect and looks hideous. It must be ripped. And I began my 3rd bucket. UGH! My fingers are killing me. Owen’s yarn is all washed and very soft. I need to wind it into balls and make a decision. I don’t think I want to do stripes because I want to knit this in the round and I don’t want to fiddle with matching stripes. If they didn’t match perfectly, it would really bother me.

We are preparing for Gracie’s sleepover party on Friday. 10 girls from 6pm to 10am. Any suggestions? They will watch a movie and eat–pizza, cake and ice cream. We are going to paint pillowcases. This is our first real sleepover party. Gracie had a 1/2 sleepover when we lived in Hingham. She gave up a birthday party last year to fly to Maine to visit her best friend. 10 is such a big deal that we are letting her do both this year. She can’t wait. And neither can Caitlin.

Otherwise, boring errand things today. Including a trip to the doctor. Argh. This man holds my prescriptions hostage for blood. Every 3 months he makes me come in to have my blood tested. Hello doctor, I have been on the same dose of thyroid medicine for over 6 years.


5 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Geeze! I work in a University Hosp. Endocrinology Dept. and we only require that kind of contact regarding thyroid meds if the patient is not on the right replacement. Otherwise labs only if patient is not feeling well or with their yearly appt. He is holding you tightly!
    You are a very brave mom! 10 – 10 year olds!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for the comment – I have actually found the camera and will post broadriple pics soon. I’m now at a pair and a half. Love your blog.

  3. annie Says:

    Sounds like there will be LOTS of giggling at your house on Friday. Good luck! Do they like to do each other’s nails? That might be something to occupy their time. And my daughter just went to a party where they painted t-shirts. Each girl signed it and drew something on it, and then they had nightshirts. Really cute idea- just cheap, white men’s tees.

    Are you sure I can’t convince you to join the read-along? Let me know! Remember, no pressure 🙂

  4. Vicki Says:

    The pillowcase painting will be a great way to occupy the girls. A game like Twister is always a good way to burn off energy and work out the giggles, too!

  5. Chris Says:

    Eek! The sleepover. We are approaching 10 for the Eldest and I am hoping she doesn’t want that for her birthday! Anything but that. A car, no problem, you just can’t drive until you’re sixteen. dog, why sure, even though I am allergic to most animals. But a sleepover? No way!

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