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Having a Field Day June 11, 2004

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Today was Field Day up at the school for Cameron and Gracie. I had notions of sitting at the field, sipping water and reknitting the back of my Everyday Cardigan. No such luck. I had a ton of errands to run this morning to get everything done for the sleepover. I was a pillowcase short so I had to get another package of those. Shamefully, we never put curtains in Gracie’s room, so I got those too. (Her old curtains didn’t fit these windows). I am shallow, what can I say? I even planted some flowers in the front. And I was going to run the vaccum anyway.

I did, however, head down to the school for a little while. I like the way they do it. There are teams and each team has a class from each grade. Makes it a bit more fair, don’t you think? One girl in the school has CP and the gym teacher pushed her in a wheel chair through the relay. Goodness knows the school is on my sh*t list these days but I was impressed by that. Other mothers were complaining though as it was holding up their kids team. Ladies, can we get a grip with reality? I wanted to poke them with my knitting needles.

I think we are squared away for the party aside from last minute tidying. UGH! I hate cleaning. And I am not particularly neat. Bad combo, right? Oh well. I keep threatening to get a job to pay for a cleaning person. No one is taking me seriously. Gracie and I made her cake last night. Nothing fancy as she wanted to also make ice cream sundaes. Out of a box with container frosting. I actually like those cakes. Mmm…preservatives. (Does anyone notice I am rambling so as to avoid cleaning?) Pillowcases to decorate, some crazy light up yo yo balls for dancing in the dark. Oh, and a girlish take on pin the tail on the donkey…plant the kiss on the superstar. Yes, 10 year old girls will be puckering up with lipstick and whoever gets the closest to Orlando Blooms lips wins a prize. I wish I were original and thought that up on my own but I found it on the internet just as I found the CD case circular needle thing.

Prizes, what prizes you ask! What does one get for 10 year old girls? I bought toe rings, pots of lip balm and picture frames. I hope they are cool enough. 🙂 I am so reliving fourth grade and trying to be cooler.

Shoot. I have to clean. Really. I do. If I get it all done before the kids start rolling in I will reward myself with some knitting.


7 Responses to “Having a Field Day”

  1. Vicki Says:

    You shoulda poked ’em with your knitting needles! Your prizes sound perfect for the girls! It’s so easy to find something to do other than clean, huh? We like cake from a box, too, and even frost our Christmas cookies with container frosting. We’re bad. I’m not raisin’ any Marthas ’round here, that’s for sure!

  2. Annie Says:

    Ewww. Poke them once for me too. Get a grip is right!

    Have fun at the party. Sounds like you have thought of everything. They’ll have a great time…and this time tomorrow? It will be OVER!!

  3. ann Says:

    You are cool!! Hope you live through the party – don’t clean too much cause it’s just going to get dirty with all those girls! you gotta pace yourself when it comes to cleaning!!

  4. ann Says:

    You are cool!! Hope you live through the party – don’t clean too much cause it’s just going to get dirty with all those girls! you gotta pace yourself when it comes to cleaning!!

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    I’m with Ann! You should not clean and then reward yourself for being such a great mom for throwing such an awesome party by hiring a cleaning woman! I might have to steal all your party ideas. My daughter’s b-day was last week. The party plan we had fell through, so it looks we might have a sleepover instead. Were all the girls nice, or were there tears? (PS – thanks for commenting on CW! It means a lot coming from you, a master knitter!)

  6. Dava Says:

    Oh, I just heard on the radio that a little dirt is actually good for the immune system!

  7. Chris Says:

    Glad to hear the sleep over went well. I still can’t imagine it. Hey, I want to kiss Orlando Bloom!! Ah, Legolas, be still my beating heart.

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