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sibling rivalry June 17, 2004

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I am not talking about my kids today and I am talking about knitting. Specifically, I am talking about Charlotte’s Web shawl. My mother finished knitting it the other day. I went over to help pin it down to block. My sister came over in the evening with her kids for a swim and said she wanted it. Hrumph! Did she go to the Maryland Sheep and Wolf Festival? Did she fight the maddening crowd to buy Koigu millends? Does she knit? Would she really appreciate it? No! No! No! No!

With the pattern fresh in her mind, my mom wants to knit another Charlotte. So she said I could have Cheap Charlotte and she would make my sister one with Koigu she has bought. Basically, Liz gets the expensive Charlotte. Hrumph again. Can you tell I am the baby of the family?

I have shown my mother how to use Typepad but she still hasn’t blogged. I have been leaving Tuesday and Thursday open for her–still nothing. I should have taken pictures of her Charlotte but I was hoping she would do it. Maybe be Liz will do it for her. (said in a snotty tone)

Guild luncheon tomorrow. Ann from Purling Swine is going. Yea. School is wrapping up too. We leave for Hilton Head next Friday morning. It will be good to get away. Owen will be in school for the whole summer. I love him dearly but it is nice to have time with Cameron and Gracie to do things we cannot do because it too difficult with Owen. Gracie will be flying to Maine for a week also–to visit her best friend, Caitlin. Now I have to go make 24 sprinkle cupcakes for Cameron’s end of year party. It looks like we won’t be moving right now. We couldn’t close on a house in time for the new school year. We are going to have to fight our school district. Round 1 begins today with a letter of intent. They have put our backs up against the wall and it is time to push back. (Can you hear that empowered voice?)


2 Responses to “sibling rivalry”

  1. margene Says:

    Sisters! I have 5 and it’s….aaallwwaaays sooomethinggg! Little sister needs to speak up! But maybe your mom feels that you have an attachment to the shawl as you bought the wool and helped her with the blocking. Maybe it’s not so uncaring as it might feel. Maybe she feels sorry for your sister who can’t knit. What a wonderful skill you and your mother share. That attachment might mean more to her than the cost of Charlotte.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Good luck on your fight with the school district. I think your ‘Cheap’ Charlotte is lovely, I finally broke down and ordered the yarn for one.

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