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The novelty nightmare is over…or is it? June 24, 2004

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thanks_MissGToday is the last day of school for my kids. Cameron and Gracie have a half day and tomorrow is one hour–just to get the state mandated attendance. We are leaving the house at 4am. Ugh…the airlines cancelled our flight and put us on an earlier one. Kevin worked a couple of upgrades out of the inconvenience. So he said I can fly first class with one of the kids. He did that two years ago too.

End of year gifts have been given. I guess the novelty nightmare is finally over…for now. Gracie’s teacher thought the Leaf Cravat was a belt. More power to her if she can tie it around her waist. Miss G, the Resource Room teacher, received the Giotto scarf and loved it. We all love Miss G. She is the sweetest woman and a great teacher too. I had mixed emotions about Cameron’s teacher as this had not been a good year. Granted she had the largest kindergarten and the most boys. Anyway…I went back and forth on whether to knit her anything or not. There had been a collection by the class mom’s and I gave money. I actually knit two scarves–she loves green–and let Cameron pick. I didn’t photograph the scarf ’cause when you’ve seen one novelty scarf, you’ve seen one too many. The one he didn’t pick gave me fits I tell you. I started on an 11, moved to a 13, then a 15 and finished with a 17.

The Colinette Giotto scarf could have been a little wider. I did a moss or seed stitch. I started with 17 stitches and thought it was too wide. I think I settled on 11 stitches and it was too skinny. I also fringed it (14″). I would do it wider, maybe 13. I had a good bit of yarn left over. I bought the Giotto at Wool Needlework Discounter. As always, her price is more than reasonable and the service great.

The yarn for Devan came. I bought the same color as used in the pattern. I let Kevin choose and I hope his coworker isn’t disappointed. He is a manly guy from Staten Island. So Devan will be coming with me and something else…must finish packing. We are bringing the laptop, as Kevin has work to do and Owen will, hopefully, watch a DVD on the plane. Fingers crossed!


9 Responses to “The novelty nightmare is over…or is it?”

  1. Margene Says:

    Have a good time and enjoy knitting Devan. It looks like a perfect vacaton project.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Have a great trip!

  3. sue Says:

    have a great time.i love the devan sweater,i just wish i had someone to knit it for ;0)

  4. greta Says:

    sweetie. I know EXACTLY which prayers to pray for you….I hope you have a wonderful vacation. xoxoxox

  5. lillium Says:

    Have a wonderful one – in fact enjoy yourself for me too (big grin). You gave the gifts – what the other person does with it is their problem – around her waist – give me a break! LOL Thanks for the comments you’ve been making on my site – you’ve touched my heart many a time – blessings to you.

  6. chelsea Says:

    Have a wonderful trip… Novelty or not, that Giotto looks beautiful!

  7. ann Says:

    Have a great vacation! we’ll miss you while you’re gone!

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    It’s all knitting! I go to novelty scarves every once in a while – what fun to play with some new yarn without a huge time commitment – great teacher gifts! Hope you’re having fun!

  9. Rachael Says:

    Hope you’re having fun!

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