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decisions, decisions… July 12, 2004

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Gracie’s in Maine, Cameron is sleeping and Owen has just left for school. What to do? What to do? I knit an inch or so on the Dale sweater this weekend. It will be the perfect project to bring with me to Cameron’s speech and tutor. I will be a captive audience. It has been a bit painful for my wrists and forearm so I think I need an alternate project on some normal size (at least for me) needles. graciecablesribsI am considering this cable and rib sweater from an old issue of Knitters. I wanted to make it for Gracie. It is quick and uses Wool-ease Chunky—thus economical too. But even the smallest size is a bit big for Gracie. I need to see if I can rework the pattern to make a smaller chest size.

The yarn for Owen’s sweater is still hanging in my room from when I washed it. I just haven’t decided what to do with it. Stripes don’t appeal to me. And it is difficult to know what appeals to Owen. Solid seems so boring. stbrigidcolorsIn other exciting yarn thoughts, I continue to contemplate St. Brigid yarn and colors. I was looking at the color cards and just so excited by the choices. However, I have heard that the currency conversions on her site aren’t accurate and the prices are higher than shown. It is a tough decision. I have admired this sweater for so long. When I was younger my sister and I begged our mother to knit it for us. We fought over who would get it. Now, I am going to knit it myself.


4 Responses to “decisions, decisions…”

  1. Joanne Says:

    What’s the link for the St. Brigid’s sweater?

  2. Tina Says:

    That cabled sweater looks so comfortable and it also looks relatively easy to resize. I wish they sold Wool-ease chunky near me, the 4 chain craft stores by me don’t have it.

  3. Margene Says:

    Actually I didn’t pay much attention to any difference in the charge from VY when it came through. It really didn’t seem that different, however or I’m sure I would have noticed. The dollar does fluctuate and they can’t help that. IMHO, it is worth every cent!

  4. Ingrid Says:

    Is the Jamison you ordered for St. Brigid? I couldn’t manage to get gauge with it, which was very, very sad. I was down to bamboo 3’s. But I guess I’m an even looser knitter than I thought! Good luck with it — it’s fabulous yarn! I think my mom’s going to get a different weight and I’ll try again, but it won’t be quite the same with a lighter weight yarn.

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