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Kersti love July 19, 2004

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kersti_for_me_sleeveI started my Kersti sleeve this weekend. I love it. The colors are more beautiful than I could have imagined. I can hardly believe it was my 3rd choice. The way the colors sometimes overlap…it is just lovely. I definately see more Kersti in my future. My only issue with the yarn is the splitting but it is more than worth it. As far as the raglan pattern–I am not loving Sally’s increasing technique and I spent some time reading the Audrey Knit-along archives. I am varying my increases between the second and third stitch depending on where I am in the rib pattern. It looks much better. I didn’t rip it out and reknit the first few increases as I have read Kersti doesn’t rip well. It’s all in the seam anyway.

Cameron and I got Gracie from the airport on Saturday. It was a bit of a disaster with delays on the outgoing flight where Gracie was expected to arrive and a gate change that I wasn’t notified about. I found her but it was a bit disappointing that American Airlines employees were so slack in their care of an unaccompanied minor. Gracie had a fabulous time but was glad to see us. ‘Course she wanted to know who the sweater was for…ME!

We are off to see Garfield this morning. Cameron and Gracie are anxious to see it. The reviews have been the pits but what the heck–the weather stinks today. I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. Thank you for all of your kind comments regarding Owen. He has made a lot of good progress. It’s hard not to always want more…and more…And I signed Cameron up for FastForword. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has some tremendous success there.


6 Responses to “Kersti love”

  1. Margene Says:

    Oh yeah! That is so pretty! I ripped a hole back and redid it in Kersti and it was just fine. The yarn is like new. It does split on some skeins more than others. Do you think it is the direction we pulled it from the skein?
    Good luck to Cameron and glad Gracie is home safe and sound!

  2. Laurie Says:

    That Kersti is so beautiful! I’ve picked up a few (a-hem) skeins of KPPPM and LOVE that stuff. The scarf I’m knitting is fun, too.

    I guess I’ll have to try the Kersti, too. But later. My stash is becoming moth heaven.

  3. lillium Says:

    Love the colors – one of the hanks of the Koigu that I got for my Charlotte is so beautiful – I would love a sweater made out of it. For now I’ll enjoy watching your sweater take shape.

  4. Tina Says:

    Oh those colors are fabulous! I don’t know why, but it reminds me of those shimmery tropical fish.

  5. Renada Says:

    You’ve done it once again! Great colors…although w/Koigu, i doubt yuo could’ve gone wrong. And besides, Koigu is like childres, you always end up loving your own *smile*.

  6. Kerstin Says:

    I’m doing my sleeve increases a bit differently from the book as well. Instead of K2, increase . . . I am doing K1, increase. Then on the purl row back, I knit or purl that stitch depending on what it should be to keep the rib pattern intact. I can’t understand why she wanted us increasing in a purl stitch. Makes no sense at all. I’m keeping the first two and last two stitches of each row as knits, that way I’m always increasing in a knit stitch. I’m happy with the way it came out. That lifted increase makes it almost invisible.

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