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I wear my heart on my sleeve July 22, 2004

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kersti_loves_meThe more I looked at my sleeve, the more I decided the bullseye looked like a heart! Can you see it? It’s no shroud of Jesus but I’m a true believer in the power of Kersti. Can you feel the love?

Anyway…crazy day yesterday. Cameron and I started his Fast ForWord program. I am excited. He is very motivated by the token economy we started. He picked some cool toys out at ToysRus. You know, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Crash Test Dummies–nothing over $5.00. After 20 stickers, he picks a toy. We are up to 4, with 3 more stickers to earn today.

We went bowling yesterday. So cute. Owen loved it. Of course, he really liked the buzz the lane made when he stepped over the foul line. I had no idea there was a foul line! Bowling has gone so hi-tech. Gracie won with a 79, Cameron came in with a 69 and Owen had a 51. I see much more bowling in our future.

My not-so LYS, Three Black Sheep, is having a yarn shop. I hope we can stop by tomorrow. Have a great day.


8 Responses to “I wear my heart on my sleeve”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Nice to see the bright side of the kersti! A heart is much nicer than a bullseye.
    Your bowling story made me smile. We go bowling New Years Eve with all the little nieces and nephews and it is always a fun time.

  2. Margene Says:

    Bowling! It is fun. We went for the first time in years and I beat everyone! I couldn’t walk straight the next day but is sure was fun. It would be very fun with kids.
    A heart! Of course! Kersti is heaven.

  3. sue Says:

    the highest score i ever got was when i was 8 months pregnant.i havent bowled as well since then but Josh loves it ;0)

  4. lillium Says:

    Love the pool sign – good for a chuckle – which I NEED today. I really like the way the Kersti is shaping up and NO I don’t see the heart but that could be because I don’t have my glasses on – LOL! I used to bowl on a church league bowling team – we were the Holy Rollers 🙂

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Love how Kersti is shaping up, and LOVED reading the urban myth. I was suckered into the fire alarm one as a kid, but never really believed the pool dye story (though I heard it plenty). Probably for the same reason the author mentioned: I never saw any purple clouds in the city pools!

  6. Sharon Says:

    These anomalies in the fabric due to pooling are really what makes our hand-knitted garments so interesting. Let me know if I’ve convinced you? 🙂 Seriously, you do realize no one will think twice about it, even if they notice it? I think your sweater is looking lovely.

  7. alison Says:

    A heart. Yep, definitely a heart.

  8. Becky Says:

    This post is priceless! I particularly like the hand-drawn heart.

    Your Kersti is gorgeous. I think it’s the prettiest of all the ones I’ve seen.

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