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Kersti love July 19, 2004

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kersti_for_me_sleeveI started my Kersti sleeve this weekend. I love it. The colors are more beautiful than I could have imagined. I can hardly believe it was my 3rd choice. The way the colors sometimes overlap…it is just lovely. I definately see more Kersti in my future. My only issue with the yarn is the splitting but it is more than worth it. As far as the raglan pattern–I am not loving Sally’s increasing technique and I spent some time reading the Audrey Knit-along archives. I am varying my increases between the second and third stitch depending on where I am in the rib pattern. It looks much better. I didn’t rip it out and reknit the first few increases as I have read Kersti doesn’t rip well. It’s all in the seam anyway.

Cameron and I got Gracie from the airport on Saturday. It was a bit of a disaster with delays on the outgoing flight where Gracie was expected to arrive and a gate change that I wasn’t notified about. I found her but it was a bit disappointing that American Airlines employees were so slack in their care of an unaccompanied minor. Gracie had a fabulous time but was glad to see us. ‘Course she wanted to know who the sweater was for…ME!

We are off to see Garfield this morning. Cameron and Gracie are anxious to see it. The reviews have been the pits but what the heck–the weather stinks today. I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. Thank you for all of your kind comments regarding Owen. He has made a lot of good progress. It’s hard not to always want more…and more…And I signed Cameron up for FastForword. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has some tremendous success there.


My Kersti is here July 16, 2004

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kersti_for_me_002My Kersti arrived yesterday–at my mom’s house. I had ordered it before we left for Hilton Head and sent it to my mom rather than have it held up with the rest of our mail at the post office. My first color choice, 324, was no longer available in a single dye lot. So Ram Wools emailed me the option of mixed dye lots (no thanks) or other colorways with my specified number of skeins. Of course, checking up on all these colors on dial up was a real joy. I finally chose 513. By the time they got back to me, over the weekend–it was sold. ::sigh:: When I got back to NY, I called them, determined to get something and settled on 117. They were supposed to ship it to me but I guess things were a bit confusing at this point. Their price is fabulous, a bag of 10 is $85.50 and they have free shipping over $129.95. I am not trying to enable anyone, I swear.

I am excited to start a swatch with this yarn. It is so nice to touch. And I am excited to see how the colors combine. I guess it is a plum color–which falls in the purple category. Just like the Shetland yarn I purchased for my next aran. I am predictable if nothing else.

Cameron and I are off to Owen’s school shortly. I think Owen thought it was Saturday and didn’t want to go to school today. We are planning to go bowling next week with his home ABA teacher. And we have a trip to the Long Island Game Farm in the plans. It was really rough in the beginning of the week with Owen. He may have had an ear infection…yesterday was a great day. A friend from high school was visiting (she also went to college with Kevin–and introduced us). Owen typically avoids her–either going upstairs or down but he stuck around. Granted there was a pizza on the table but his eye contact was amazing!

I am going to well up with tears here…but we are approaching the two year mark for his ABA therapy. When we were "shopping around" for treatments the studies said after two years of ABA, 48% of the children were recovered or indistinguishable. That’s not going to be the case for Owen and it’s hard to admit. But admit it we must and move on and fight the odds. Beat the odds. One of his teachers said it best, three steps forward and two steps back but it’s still progress.


a boring post July 15, 2004

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Not a whole lot going on around here. I just finished another Critter Knitter’s blanket and am considering knitting a third before I mail them off. Cameron and I have been enjoying our time together while Gracie is enjoying herself in Maine. Owen is at school during the day so Cameron and I have been trying to have some fun. We are off to Chuck E Cheese with a friend this afternoon. This morning we are checking out a speech program called Fast Forword. Anyone have any experience with it?

I am awaiting some new yarn in the mail. I ordered Kersti and some Jamieson Soft. I am anxious for their arrival but really want to finish Cameron’s socks–at the very least–before I begin anything else. The Everyday Cardigan is so sadly neglected. Fortunately, I finally got my addi turbo 8. I think, at the end of the day, I just don’t love the color I ordered for that sweater. I am so drawn to green…and purple. Was it too much Barney when Gracie was a little? I love green, green loves me…we’re a happy family.

Kevin was just asked to speak at a conference in the Bahamas–the day before my birthday. I told him to go. I think it is a fantastic opportunity–for many reasons–but he is reluctant to go. We’ll see…I could easily make it up to myself…another trip to Paris, maybe? 🙂 Seems fair, right?

Gracie returns Saturday. I hope there is no post-Caitlin blues. Tomorrow I have a parent training with Owen and Cameron will be doing peer modeling with another student. Afterwards, we’ll have to plan something fun. The knitting guild meeting is tomorrow. I am not going. I guess I could have found someone to watch Cam but they changed the time to 11am and are making a felted flower pin. Um, no thanks. Ann, you going?


decisions, decisions… July 12, 2004

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Gracie’s in Maine, Cameron is sleeping and Owen has just left for school. What to do? What to do? I knit an inch or so on the Dale sweater this weekend. It will be the perfect project to bring with me to Cameron’s speech and tutor. I will be a captive audience. It has been a bit painful for my wrists and forearm so I think I need an alternate project on some normal size (at least for me) needles. graciecablesribsI am considering this cable and rib sweater from an old issue of Knitters. I wanted to make it for Gracie. It is quick and uses Wool-ease Chunky—thus economical too. But even the smallest size is a bit big for Gracie. I need to see if I can rework the pattern to make a smaller chest size.

The yarn for Owen’s sweater is still hanging in my room from when I washed it. I just haven’t decided what to do with it. Stripes don’t appeal to me. And it is difficult to know what appeals to Owen. Solid seems so boring. stbrigidcolorsIn other exciting yarn thoughts, I continue to contemplate St. Brigid yarn and colors. I was looking at the color cards and just so excited by the choices. However, I have heard that the currency conversions on her site aren’t accurate and the prices are higher than shown. It is a tough decision. I have admired this sweater for so long. When I was younger my sister and I begged our mother to knit it for us. We fought over who would get it. Now, I am going to knit it myself.


Ghost Knitter July 9, 2004

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ghostknitterI have a ghost knitter. Her name is Sue; affectionately my siblings and I call her mom. I have tried to knit this first band of pattern a few times but it looked like crap. So, I deferred to the expert. The sweater has been stalled for so long due to so many issues but my mom was kind enough to get me over this hump and I will knit the solid and work on improving my two colored knitting. Nothing wrong with a collaborative effort, right? Truth be told, I think I bit off more than I could chew when I purchased this kit from Bea Ellis. My mom and Bea disagree and assure me I can do this but I wish I had just bought a finished one after the Olympics.

Gracie’s little Katia top is nearly finished. Once those size 3 needles are free, they will move on to the Dale sweater. After that I need to finish Cameron’s socks; once I have my size 2 needles back I want to start Devan. I still haven’t decided on a yarn for St. Brigid. I have decided against buying my yarn from Virtual Yarns. Sorry Alice. My birthday yarn money is being spread between Kersti yarn for the Sally Raglan and yarn for St. Brigid. Something’s gotta give. I really want to buy some Rowan Calmer. I have wicked Calmer envy. Coulorway has two colors on sale but they are purple and black. No thanks. I have been watching eBay.

Gracie is off to the beach and Cameron has a friend coming over. Yesterday was the first day of official summer fighting. I guess it is good Gracie is leaving on Sunday. Perhaps they will have a little honeymoon phase after she returns? Enjoy the day.

Oh–I meant to mention Spiderman 2. Gracie and I enjoyed it. The effects were fabulous. It was a bit sappy for me. Heartless, aren’t I? Once again, as with Harry Potter, there was a small child there crying. I couldn’t imagine bringing a baby to a movie–especiallly at 7pm.


I wanna be loved by you July 7, 2004

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marilyn_along2I tried to come up with an original Marilyn Monroe title for the finished project from the Marilyn Along. Kind of weak, huh? Just like my first attempt at this Katia top. Gracie’s is still in the repair shop. So, without further ado…here is Marilyn #2, presented first. This is a cute little top knit in Mandarin Petit. It is knit up on size 3 needles and would not be here were it not for the kindness of Kerstin. I was practically at my wits end were it not for At My Knits End.

I started this little number (size 3) at the ER in Hilton Head with Gracie. It is for my niece/goddaughter. She will be 2 in August but I will have Kevin deliver it this weekend. Maybe she can get two summers out of it? Cameron is going to his cousin’s birthday party in CT. Lasertag. He is so fired up. Gracie wanted to go but with her wobbly foot–no chance. Plus, she leaves on Sunday for her week in Maine with her best friend, Caitlin.

Speaking of Gracie…she and I are going to see Spiderman 2 tonight. So, I will leave you with a picture of my nephew Tristan (my sister’s son) doing his Spiderman trick. Don’t try this at home.



Hilton Head Vacation July 5, 2004

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Well, we are back. It was a great trip–lots of time at the pool and on the bikes. Owen remembered how to swim. And he rode nicely on the Alleycat behind Kevin’s bike. Cameron was a champ on the two-wheeler. He only fell off once (and got run over by Kevin). The biggest tragedy was Gracie’s sprained foot and trip to the ER.
Owen seemed so relaxed and happy. Lots of requesting for "I want pants." (his pool pants!) We are teaching him to say "suit."
Like the last time we were here, he was able to get at least one rain dance in. It really comes down in the courtyard of the house.
Cameron needed no encouragement to join in. Gracie was, most likely, in her separate little cottage. She comes in to eat and ignores us the rest of the time. 🙂 Ah, the life of a preteen.
We tried to get them together for a picture in their US Open shirts but Owen was not interested and a twosome was getting ready to putt. Owen did "kinda" enjoy a bit of miniature golf. He got in 9 holes with some assistance.
Cameron and Gracie played with Kevin twice. Robert Trent Jones and the course at Indigo Run. They both got to drive the cart.
We saved the WaterFun Park for the next to last day–just in case Owen freaked out (like he did 2 years ago). After about 20 minutes warming up in the kiddie pool, he was ready for the waterslides.
He had a great time and led the pack several times. It was one of the biggest thrills for me and Kevin. He really hated it two years ago–we now have Sesame Place on the itinerary. And Disney World.
We didn’t make it to the beach again, as the last evening was spent with Gracie at the ER, getting her foot x-rayed.
I didn’t knit much. I knit 3 afghan squares and mailed them to NY (Mason-Dixon Knitting didn’t have South Carolina on the map). I started another Katia top and did some serious ripping on Gracie’s. Devan was untouched. The needles were busy on Cameron’s socks and Gracie’s Katia top. I did, however, purchase the floss for this cross stitch project. I went to the shop to get something for my mom–a little thank you for taking care of the gerbils, Luna and Fluffy. I was so taken with this project, I just have to make it. I haven’t done cross stitch in at least 15 years.
There were two yarn shops on the island. One had some novelty yarn and the other a mix of novelty and staples–combined with a used book store. It was lovely. I just don’t need any yarn. Kevin’s twin had a baby girl, Molly Elizabeth. So something new will have to be made….just not sure yet.