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Have I arrived? August 30, 2004

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Someone’s hotlinking me…and eating up my bandwidth. With the laptop down for the count, I can’t just delete my photos and reupload. My hard drive might be toast. So all the pictures I did have may very well be gone. What a quandry.

Sesame Place was okay. Owen didn’t enjoy it as much as we hoped. I don’t see Disney in his near future. We did get him on the kiddie roller coaster and he wouldn’t look at Kevin for an hour and a half. Betrayed. I have no pictures ’cause it is no fun to bring a camera to a water park. I will update at some point with what little knitting I did do on the drive.

So, if you are hotlinking a photo or a button–please stop. Thanks.

St. Brigid

Please stop by and see Fran├žoise. Her St. Brigid sweater looks stunning.


Computer problems August 26, 2004

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Well, the Dell laptop bit the dust again yesterday. At least it was polite and profusely apologised. Seriously, it was stuck in some loop and continuously apologised till I pulled the plug and the battery and gave up. Technical assistance has changed. I was using screwdrivers yesterday. And, I do believe we stumped the Tech. He is going to "look into it" and call back in a few days. This is the second problem we have had with our Inspiron. The hard drive died in the first couple of months after we bought it.

The eMachine is having problems too. It just froze up in the middle of FastForword yesterday. Hopefully it behaves better today. Thankfully, Kevin has a little Latitude laptop. It is just strange to use–it’s 8×11.

The kids had a great time fishing with Grandpa. And my mom and I found out the yarn shop was closed on Wednesday. Luckily, my mom is fast on her feet when it comes to yarn shop localities and we hit the Knitting Corner in Huntington. It has a bit of a crowded feeling as they make use of every inch of space in the store. No photos but I didn’t buy much. I bought a skein of Fiesta Pebbles to make a shawl for an autism organizations Gala. I have to make two more somethings for a couple of other fundraisers–including Owen’s school. Not quite sure what to do yet but I am considering a Colinette afghan for Owen’s school. Knitting is even cooler this year than it was last year perhaps the Committee will be more supportive.

My mom bought yarn to make Gracie a poncho. What a good grandma. I bought Gracie a poncho. It will be knit in Sirdar Denim. Very cute. I cast on for my new poncho which my sister has asked for. I hadn’t read the pattern very well and it seems the yardage doesn’t include the fringe. ARGH! Garter in the round is annoying but on US 15’s won’t bother me for long.


Counting Kersti August 24, 2004

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The good news is that my Kersti sleeves are finished. The bad news is that my miscalculations were so far off that I will be ripping them back to before the decreases. That’s what I get for altering the pattern, unaltering it and then altering it again without writing it down the second time. One sleeve is a bit longer than the other and may be wider too.

As you can see, the shoulder ribbing is not the same. I swear they looked exactly alike when I started the decreases. Oh well. I hope she survives the rip. Other knitters have said she doesn’t rip more than once. That’ll teach me to pay attention, huh? Have many other Kersti knitters come across knots in the skeins. I think this was my second knot in my 4th skein…It was interesting. Kersti is a 3 ply and one of the 3 plies was knotted the other 2 were not. And it had a white spot from the tie off. One of the more interesting knots I have come across.

Well to cheer me up through my Kersti disaster, I bought this poncho pattern and yarn from Granny’s Shoppe. Granny cornered/suckered me as soon as I walked in. She said it only took 2 skeins. Mind you, I wasn’t even looking for a poncho. I love Granny.

My mom and I are off to Three Black Sheep yarn shop tomorrow and the kids are going fishing with Grandpa. Have a great night.


All fun all the time August 23, 2004

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That’s our motto around here. Cameron, Gracie and I went to Atlantis Marine World. This is Owen’s last week of school so we are trying to fit in a few fun activities that we can’t do with Owen. Owen has been to the aquarium before but he isn’t interested in the fish–just the elevator. And since he was 2–he can find it from any place in and out of the whole building.

Gracie enjoyed the interactive marsh exhibit. Although I got chased by a spider crab. Really. Cam was too chicken to come in–as he has been the past two summers. You can see him in the background of the picture of Gracie. We also fed the sharks and the rays.

I was quite taken by the snow monkey. While I was trying to take its picture, s/he was absolutely fascinated with my camera. I showed him/her it’s picture in the viewer and it was mesmerized then it climbed all the way up to the top of the cage and freaked out.

And because Owen needs a little fun too we are off to Sesame Place this weekend. Kevin is taking some time off during Owen’s vacation and because of the Republican National Convention. All fun all the time.

I have finished the sleeves on Devan and have cast on for the fronts. And I am nearing completion on my second Kersti sleeve–I just have to work the decreases and figure out my miscalculations. I think–actually I know–I am going to knit a poncho. I bought the pattern and kit at Granny’s on Friday. It uses Skacel Unikat. I am using the bottom turquoise.

St. Brigid

has decided what yarn she is using. Her yarn choice is suprisingly beautiful. I cast on but have only knit two rows. The color is growing on me.


The letter August 19, 2004

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The letter arrived today. It said that Owen would have a new teacher. Mind you, it is the teacher I wanted if he couldn’t have Raine. But still, my heart is breaking. I love this woman. All the work I do with the Parent’s Foundation and the school–it is an attempt to reflect the level of committment and work she puts into Owen, the program…autism. If Owen learned nothing at school, I would be thrilled for him to be in the company of this remarkable person. But he has learned so much. And I am not ready to move on…will he be ready?

I remember the first time I visited the school with Owen. Owen was jumping on the trampoline in Raine’s classroom and she rested her foot on the trampoline–her trampoline. Owen pushed it off. She said she knew she was going to like him. When he and I drove home, it was the first time I felt actual hope for Owen’s future. I didn’t know if he was going to "recover" but I knew he would learn and get better.

Owen’s new teacher is a man. That’s different and one of the things I like about the change. Owen likes men and there are so few in the field of Special Education. He has just one week of school left. Who knows? A new set of eyes can be good. It will be good.

St. Brigid

The blog is no longer online. For now, please join the Yahoo Group. I was hoping to start a sleeve tonight but I think I will work on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s instead.


My great yarn adventure August 18, 2004

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Yesterday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure with Cameron and Gracie. Owen had school and Kevin’s mom got him off the bus, took him to ToysRus and they had McDonald’s and watched train videos. Wow. What a run on sentence. I am still exhausted. I have to say I was not thrilled with my Great Adventure experience. It was very expensive. There are so many extra charges with the games, go carts, bungee jumps, etc. We certainly didn’t do all of those things but I guess I just love the Disney experience. The pace is much slower and for me–more enjoyable. Also, this Fastlane/Qbot thing costs $30 for 2 people. And while we didn’t have to wait 2 hours to ride Superman, we still waited over a half hour. Disney’s Fast Pass is free. And that’s my rant.

I packed a nice little knitting bag for the drive down. I should have brought some knitting in for the lines and while Cameron rode the little rides in Bugs Bunny Land but I didn’t. Gracie is–and always has been–a thrill seeker. From an early age, she wanted to ride alone or get the front seat. I remember her first roller coaster ride alone. We were at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. That was when Kevin surprised me with a "lifelong dream come true"…Legoland! I was a Lego addict as a kid.

As far as knitting goes, I have been plugging away on my Kersti sleeve. I made some sort of mistake in numbers on the first one. I thought I had corrected it but it seems, as I knit the second sleeve, I did not. Oh well…I am not ripping now. I think/hope I have enough yarn for whatever extra stitches I may have added. There is a bit of funky pooling on the first sleeve–where the heart used to be. It’s handpainted. I can deal.

Here is my Devan progress. It has been stalled as of late…the call of Kersti is strong. And the preoccupation with St. Brigid. I am thrilled that so many people have decided to knit along. The intarsia patch doesn’t look so hot. I may have to reknit it. I forget to twist the yarn after my pathetic attempts at carrying while doing stranded knitting.


St. Brigid swatch August 15, 2004

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Well I finally got around to swatching for St. Brigid. My gauge is off a bit. AS calls for 21 st and 27 rows over 10cm. I got 19 st and 28 rows. I am seldom under in my gauge. I seem to get looser and looser as I go. However, I was holding the yarn with a good bit of tension in hopes that I wouldn’t have to go down a needle size. I think if I hold the needle without the death grip, I should be in good shape. I am still not thrilled with the color but I am stuck with it as it was a special order. I guess I could try to unload it on eBay but I do like the photo in the book. It definately seems brighter than the book. But maybe I need a little more brightness in my life.

Sue, from Sereknitty, has put up the St. Brigid blog and I started a Yahoo group.