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yaddayaddayadda August 6, 2004

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Or yabbadabbadoo! Not a lot going on here. The camera cord disappeared yet again but was found in a heap of computer wires. So I offer up some boring pictures of stockinette stitch.ho_hum_knitting_006ho_hum_knitting_005 I have finished the back on Devan–including a stinky intarsia patch. ::sigh:: I should have done duplicate stitch. I am working on both sleeves right now. And the Dale sweater gets attention when Cameron is doing his easy games on Fast Forword. (For those in "the know"–Collette–that is the Phoneme Identification game. He’s already 40% complete with it).

While we are not entirely sure Fast Forword is helping Cameron…it remains to be seen, I guess; he is going head to head with his cousin these days in verbal sparring. Go Cam! Go Cam!

I was really stunned by the amount of support, understanding and….hmmm…what’s the word? I don’t know. I am just so grateful for knitting in my life. And for the remarkable people I have met through blogging. Off to finish our last game of Fast Forword and then to Chuck E. Cheese!


2 Responses to “yaddayaddayadda”

  1. Collette Says:

    Kathleen, that’s great. (I’m particularly impressed by seeing my name in print. I’m so famous!) Phoneme Identification is often the hardest exercise for kids because those phoneme pairs are so close. That’s the one that teachers would always say to me–those are the same sound! My friend and I finally started our blog although the content is quite slim so far (2 posts). However, I’m getting a really big kick out of it. Thanks for keeping me updated–I really like knowing how it’s going for you and Cameron. Have a great weekend!

  2. chrisknits Says:

    Love the Dale, they are some of my favs. Can’t wait to see Devan’s progress. I still need to graf the back!

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