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Tears and Gears August 14, 2004

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bucket_o_luvI gave Owen’s teacher, Raine, her bucket hat on Friday. It was my last Parent Training of the school year and, I am afraid, my last training with Raine. I guess it is probably time to move on to a new teacher but I deal with change a little bit better than Owen does. She is a fabulous teacher who loves my son. Anyway, she loved her hat. We rode the scooter boards around the school–she and Owen in matching bucket hats. It was very cute.

Today was the Parent’s Association first annual car show. I am not sure how much money it raised but it was a nice day and the weather was kind enough to hold out. My first father came with his Model A Ford–his is the one with the wooden truck bed. He brought a couple of his cronies too. I even took a spin around the parking lot–at his insistence. Holy cow! I got to second gear baby!


5 Responses to “Tears and Gears”

  1. Linda Says:

    That picture of Raine and Owen will help trigger many memories – I know that it is bittersweet to say goodbye, but what a wonderful gift!!!

  2. greta Says:

    My prayer for you this day is that you and Owen may have one teacher after the other who LOVES him and appreciates you. I have been SO Richly BLESSED in that regard…just when I thought we’d NEVER find another teacher or therapist like the ONE we had this year….another would miraculously spring from the ether and tearfully tell me at the end of the year how much they LOVED working with my children…..
    So May it BE.

  3. Becky Says:

    What a wonderful pair of bucket hats!

  4. Annie Says:

    Wow! That was quick knitting on the bucket hat. Looks great on teacher & student!

    So, when do you start on your St. Brigid?

  5. Rossana Says:

    Super Hats, Katy! And nifty rides there!

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